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July, 2012

  1. I May Be Lady EMployed After All!

    July 31, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Happy 042I’m totally happy! Just like this![/caption]

    I have some pretty exciting news!

    In case you didn’t hear, I had an interview last Wednesday. The interview went great and actually went better than any interview I’ve had so far. It’s for a fantastic job that I can’t believe I might get (entry level marketing…EXACTLY what I’ve been hoping for).

    And guess what??

    I received an email from them yesterday asking for my references!! I’m so excited!!

    So we’ll see where this goes. I’m pretty sure it’s in the bag unless one of my references says something really awful. Here’s hoping THAT won’t happen.

    On another note I received another blog award! It’s from the blog Big A little a and it’s called the Sunshine Award! I am so excited! Happiness all around everyone!

    Here are the rules:

    1) Include this award logo in either your acceptance post or somewhere in your acceptance. CHECK

    2) Answer 10 questions about yourself. CHECK:

    1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

    Probably somewhere along the coast. If I could, by the beach. I don’t care if it’s a big or small town. If I am by the ocean, I’m a happy girl.

    2.) If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?

    Ummm, see above.

    3.) What’s your favorite part of blogging?

    Being able to share my experiences and read about the experiences of others. It is BEYOND rewarding.

    4.) Coffee or hot chocolate?

    Coffee!!! Love it day or night.

    5.) What kind of coffee do you drink? What do you put in it?

    I love dark roast coffee and I always add cream and sugar.

    6.) What do you do to relax?

    Relax? Huh? What’s that? Hee Hee, kidding, sort of! Heh heh. Watching television helps me wind down.

    7.) How do you keep calm in a very stressful situation?

    Talking it through with people close to me! I’ve also been known to talk the ear off of the Baristas at Starbucks.

    8.) Beautiful skies or clear skies with stars?

    Clear skies with stars – it’s cooler at night! And I’m a night owl, so that works for me.

    9.) Dogs, cats or fish?

    I love dogs! I don’t own one but I would love to one day. I just don’t get the appeal of fish as pets.

    10.) Be honest, which last name do you like more, maiden or married?

    Since I’m single, I find this question a tad cruel. Ha ha…but I don’t like my (real life) last name, so unless my future husband has a last name that rhymes with anything in the genital area or a name that reminds me of a bodily function, I’m certain I’ll like his better.

    3) Pass the award onto 10-12 deserving bloggers.

    Okay I’m doing the cop out response to this and rewarding my sunshine award to everyone who stops by my blog! Because all my readers give me sunshine and all of you deserve some love today!

    4) Add a link on your post to all the talented winners and comment on their page to let them know they’ve deemed amazing.


    5Thank the brilliant soul that recognized your talent and bestowed this wonderful award on you…and of course link back to them as well!

    Check and check!

    What a great week so far!!

    I will be sure to let you know how everything plays out with this hopeful new job!

  2. My New Use for the Phone Book

    July 26, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    No, I know what you’re thinking. I won’t be using it for this purpose:

    White Toilet Bowl in Malaysia

    Phone book as toilet paper anyone? Anyone?

    I’ve considered it, though, when money is tight, but the whole newsprint thing stops me.


    This week I’ve gotten into the panic mode thing that causes me to feel like this:


    This isn’t me. But this is how I’m feeling.

    And when I’m in that mood, I need to do something productive very quick. So, I grabbed the first thing in site.

    Yes, the phone book.

    People, we under estimate the phone book. It serves great many purposes besides being a door stop or bird cage liner.

    I started with the letter “A,” flipped to “C” for “Computer – Software,” and then to “E” for “Education.” I plan on going back to the letter “B” this weekend. What I do is Google each company listed and find out if they have a website. If they have website, I look for a “jobs”, or “careers” tab and I find out if they have any openings. The next stage in this process is sending them an email with an employment inquiry. I may actually call these places if I get really desperate.

    So, you see? There we have it. I am being very resourceful, aren’t I?

    The fascinating lives of the broke and unemployed continues next week…tune in!

  3. If You Are Unemployed, You Aren’t Doing Enough (Or So We’re Told)

    July 24, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Try Your Best Inspirational Quotes Qiqi Emma January 18, 201016

    Some advice is about as helpful as this piece of paper.


    When I first started my blog, I invited anyone to write me and tell me their unemployment story. And I heard from one person in particular that has a very similar to story as my own (and probably yours) and she allowed me to share this with all of you. I was very grateful for this considering I don’t want to be the only standing on this podium bemoaning my life’s current state all alone.

    And her story touched a nerve with me considering all the snarky implications I receive from people about how I am not doing enough to get a job. But it was nice to know that I am not alone in hearing this awful stereotype of what the unemployed are doing (or are NOT doing) to find a job. 

    To clarify, the rest of this post is written by Monica, and I am posting her story as she told it to me. A special thank you to Monica for letting me tell her story.

    “I graduated college in 2011, took a break in the summer to travel with a friend, then got down to business. For a few months I had a hard time finding a job, then something opened up at a university in town!

    It wasn’t great, but it was something to do until I found THE job (which is in education, by the way). After 8 months, the budget suddenly shrank…and I was the first to go. I had no big emotions…didn’t cry, didn’t get angry, didn’t get depressed. So, I have been out of work now for about 2.5 weeks, and I am already getting bored. I started to do volunteer work at the local animal shelter and literacy council. I am still looking for a job, sending out 10+ resumes a day (I even got fancy resume paper for my fancy resume packets!)

    Like you, I have been doing the networking thing: setting up informational interviews, asking for career advice, meeting with hiring managers, even going to networking workshops twice a month. Nothing has really panned out.

    Well, I have been getting a lot of help from my aunts as well. One has connected me with an editor who has helped me completely redo my resume and cover letter. We chat, she asks questions, and then gives me advice. Great.

    The other, she is just pushy. She likes to call to “chat” and give some of her ideas about this job searching thing. “Have you tried volunteering?”

    “Of course”

    “Why don’t you just move to New York and work at McDonald’s?”

    “Because I am living rent free and I don’t want to give that up for $7 an hour.”

    “Well, what are you going to do when you go into an interview and they ask what you’ve been doing for the last six months? You can’t tell them you’ve been sitting on your ass all day doing nothing.”

    Whoa! Admittedly, this infuriated me.  We have had a dozen conversations like this. I know that I can’t very well tell the employer I am doing absolutely nothing with my life. I do appreciate the advice, I don’t appreciate the implications behind said advice.

    In any given 30 minute conversation I will hear “But you can’t tell an interviewer you are doing nothing with your days. Then you just look lazy and stupid.”

    Now, I do try and explain what I am doing. I do try and explain how many applications I put out in any given day. It doesn’t seem to get through. The last conversation we had put me over the edge. She just said “But you can’t tell and interviewer you are doing nothing with your days” one too many times.

    To make it worse, she followed it with “Well, you can’t sit around all day and look for jobs, you have to get out there and hang out with friend. I’m surprised you picked up the phone. I thought you would be out with friends.” (it was after 10 p.m. during this particular conversation. Mind you, I am too poor to afford gas at this point. I get maybe a tank a month when I can find babysitting work.)

    Job hunting is frustrating enough, and I certainly don’t want my family to imply that I am just a lazy college graduate who doesn’t know what she is doing. I appreciate advice, welcome it, even. There is always a fine line between advice and insults.”

    – The offer still stands for anyone who wants to share their story with my readers or you can even just share your story with me if you want to remain private. I have a great listening ear. Click her to find out the details.



  4. Unemployment and Feeling Like I’m Doing My Best

    July 19, 2012 by Lady Unemployed


    Apparently hope is that way. So, that’s where I’m going.

    Overall this has not been an easy week. I had several ups and downs and two days in a row so  far I ended up in tears, I snapped at family members, and remained too long in my “Eoyore” mood.

    But instead of writing about all of that, I decided to write about something positive for once (I know, weird huh?).

    Today,  I feel like I have truly done my best (hush to the person in the back that is about to say otherwise).

    I’ll say it again: I have done my best today to find a job.

    Now, someone can say that unless I am applying to every job I see, even if includes licking the floor clean, it obviously isn’t enough, but today I am standing up to say otherwise.

    did do my best today. Some days I feel otherwise. But today? I do feel pretty good.

    Here’s why:

    1) I looked for (and applied to) any job I was qualified for.

    I am not the type to just look for jobs that would give me a high paying salary. I am looking at all possibilities. And today, I did just that. And you know what? That isn’t any different on the other days I’m looking for a job. I’m  not being picky.

     2) Networking, networking, networking.

    I followed up on my networking people and reached out to some new people. I even followed up on an offer for job search help from someone I’m following on Twitter.

    3) Placement Agencies

    I also contacted the placement agency I spoke with a few weeks ago again. I resent my resume and I waiting to find out about job leads.

    …..still waiting. Yup, still……..waiting. Oh, right, the blog post.

    4) Reached out to talk shows.

    Alright you may think I’m kidding about this one, but didn’t I say I was trying anything? I am literally trying anything. And I did just that. I submitted a video to Dr. Phil about helping me find a job. Don’t think I’m kidding about that one, either.

    And if I end up on television, you guys will be the first to know.

    5) Um…not sure about number five.

    Okay I didn’t want to end this with a four, because no one makes a list with just four points. But aside from following through with my temptation to leave my resume in Barnes and Noble (I’m close though), and holding a sign board as I walk through the mall asking, “Are you hiring?” I am doing everything I can.

    And if I can say that statement every day and mean it, than I am feeling pretty damn good about myself.

  5. Ahhh! Help! I’m Still Single!!!

    July 17, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Why is it when you have one problem going on in your life, other problems arise and seem to shine just a bit brighter?


    The brightening problem of singlehood.

    Like I’ve said before, I’m single. And at the ripe age of 25, this means that I get to see a ton of Facebook status updates on marriages, engagements, weddings and new babies from the people I went to high school with. And lately, I find this slightly depressing.

    Over the past few years, I’ve dated and had sort-of-getting-off-the-ground relationships, but nothing that went anywhere.  Although I would love to be dating a great guy right now, so far that doesn’t seem to be in the stars.And since I am not employed right now, I don’t feel like it’s a very good selling point to say, “Hi, I’m Evelyn (my name isn’t really Evelyn, but for my blog’s anonymity sake, I’m Evelyn). Hi, I’m Evelyn, and I’m unemployed. This means you get to pay for dinner, movie, and anything else that we decide to go out and do together.”

    Although that is a general expectation even if I was working right now, I have been out with cheap guys and I like to know I have extra cash in case I come across this type.


    Back to the single thing.

    Don't Panic Badge

    My reminder.

    Right now when I wake up to the panic of seeing my left hand sans wedding ring, I keep telling myself that my priority right now is finding a job. Worry about the other stuff later. Find a job first. Man later. Job. Man. Job. Man.


    My actual left hand. Without a wedding ring.

    Or unless you are anything like my assh*le friend from last week, the man should come first. And then the job. But no, right now, for me, it’s the reverse. Job. Then a man (and not just any man either. I’m not the desperate type. Which may or may not be my problem. But let’s focus. Job first, people).

    Until one or the other gets fixed for me, I plan on staying away from Facebook.


  6. The Worst Networking Advice I Ever Received

    July 12, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    I’ve reached a point of my unemployment where I feel like I am really pulling out all the stops.

    Stop Sign

    See? There’s one of my stops right there.

    I am doing everything I can to find a secure, full time position for myself. And this includes networking. I have been actively using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, direct email contacts, etc. You name it. I have tried it.

    Now, what I have learned about networking is this –

    It is a total crap shoot. And I’m not even sure what that expression means. But it’s a crap shoot.

    Let’s first categorize the types of responses I am getting. Oh and by the way, as a warning, this post will be much longer than usual.

    No Response

    i can't hear you!

    This network person will pretend I haven’t written.

    This is a semi-common response. I will just not hear from the person. Straight up, no explanation, not even a brush off. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    Which is actually not the worst experience with networking I have had so far. I’ll get to that.

    I’ll keep my eye out for you (or some variation of this).


    My eye

    This is someone keeping their eye out for me.


    This is a one liner response where they tell me that they will keep their eye out for me. This usually means I will never hear from this person again.

    Also, not the worst experience I’ve had so far.

    No Duh Advice Givers

    There ARE Dumb Statements

    Need I say more?

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love advice. I love getting the input of other people’s experiences or outlook. I love hearing about what worked for someone else and what didn’t. Really! And I’m not being sarcastic about this – I do mean it. This is everything to a job seeker like me. And a lot of the advice I have received (such as many of you awesome advice givers that leave me comments) I have followed through with and appreciated.

    But recently someone asked me, “Have you tried a placement agency?”

    This is not earth shattering advice people.

    I have tried placement agencies. I didn’t hear back from them. This isn’t to say I will never try again. But I hate advice like this. It isn’t giving me insight. It’s another brush off statement. It’s the same advice along the lines of, “Do you look for jobs on the Internet?”

    Worst. Advice. Ever.

    Today I received the worst advice on networking that I have heard in my entire life.

    So, there was a company I want to work at. This company has a lot of people working there and a LOT of competition for the jobs. I scoured the Internet to find out who I knew that worked at this company or knew someone who did.

    Lo and behold…

    I found someone!  I found a guy that I went to high school with that knows people who work here.

    I contacted him. I explained the situation and told him about the job I applied for. I asked if he could talk to one of the people he knew who worked there to put in a good word for me.

    And here is what he said, “Umm…are you saying you know someone who works there and you want me to talk to them?

    Oh, and we are on Facebook chat by the way. Another note, this is also a guy that I have kept in touch with since we graduated. So he isn’t a total stranger.

    Me: “Oh I wish I knew someone at “that company.” I was hoping someone you knew could put in a good word for me to hr.” (I won’t reveal the company I applied to just to protect their identity.)

    Him: “Then meet someone who works there!”

    Are you kidding me? 

    Me: “Wow. Thanks. I haven’t thought of that.” (Yes, I’m being a smart ass by this point. Obviously this won’t go anywhere.)

    Him: “Really? You should do it! Your cute. Hang out in a bar in the area and be social about it. You’ll meet people!”

    Him again: “Works for me and most of the people in tech industry are men!”


    Okay, so this ends the conversation.

    Let me be clear. Yes, I am single. No, I’m not dating anyone right now. And really that isn’t priority number one right now. Priority is a job. And at any point in the conversation did I even mention dating? Nope. Not at all. And this is not the type of guy I talk about dating with. And aside from the occasional comments on Facebook about guys I think are cute or whatever, I don’t talk about dating on Facebook (I’m private like that).

    And so his advice to me was basically this, “Your skills don’t matter. And since you’re a woman whom I have no respect for, I’m telling you to f*ck your way to the top.”

    Sorry to be crude, but yes I heard it that way.

    And maybe he didn’t mean it quite like that, but it was not good advice. The last thing on most men’s mind when they meet a woman at a bar is, “Oh! How can I help get this bright intelligent woman a job at my company?”

    So, this is it for my friendship with this guy. On an entirely different note, I did have a couple of pretty cool network people come through for me on possible job leads, so I will see how all of that plays out.

  7. Maybe I Can Pull a “George” and Just Show Up

    July 6, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    So I’ve made a decision. And if you are a Seinfeld fanatic like me, then you probably know what this video means and what my post title means as well.

    I think I might just…show up. For that job I interviewed with Monday, I haven’t heard back yet. So maybe next week I’ll just show up. What could go wrong?

    I know, I know, public humiliation, but hey…you never know until you try!

    On an entirely different note, I also received fun news from the blogging world – Jen over at the blog Whyyy Jen gave me my first blog award! Yay!!! How cool is that?

    My First Award!


    Nomination Rules:
    1. Post the award image to your blog. (Check)
    2. Link the person who awarded you. (Check)
    3. Post 7 random things about you. (Okay so here’s the fun part)

     7 Random Things

    1. I’m left handed.

    2. I’m a notoriously messy person.

    3. I still hope to write for a living one day.

    4. I’ve only received a C grade from a class when I was in the 10th grade. Subject: World History, Third Quarter.

    5. I hate going to amusement parks with people who won’t get on the scary rides. If you are one of these people and go with me to an amusement park without telling me you don’t like the scary rides, there is a high possibility that I will ditch you to go on those rides.

    6. I don’t like anything coconut flavored. Except for jelly beans.

    7. My favorite ring tone on my phone is “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne.

    4. Nominate other 8 relatively new blogs. (Woo! Second fun part!)

    Life Almost Factual

    Frankie and Motz

    31 Million Seconds

    Lady J Wanderlust

    An Elegant Touch

    Science is Soo Sexy

    Moonbows Resume Adventure

    Common Place Crazy

    Well, that was fun!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  8. One Earring’d Interviewee – An Interview Story

    July 3, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Well, I went on my interview Monday and I thought it went pretty good!

    Yup…pretty good.

    Pr-ett-IE goo-Dah.


    This can only happen to me.

    Is this happening because I have a blog about it? Is that jinxing me, or something?

    Okay, it went like this.

    I go into the interview and three people are there to interview. Totally fine.  And I can’t help but notice one of the managers (a guy around my age) keeps eyeballing me. Now, I know I look good all stylish, but trust me, this was not a “I’m checking you out” look. This was a “what the hell is wrong with you” look.

    I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I complete the interview. You’ll hear from us blah-blah-blah.

    Two hours later. TWO. HOURS. LATER.

    I am home and I look in the mirror.

    And BOOM.

    My Right Ear Looked Something Like This – Earringless.

    My right earring wasn’t there.

    What the hell happened?

    How could I have not checked?

    Now, I’m certain that an interviewer wouldn’t turn down a candidate because they are sitting there without an earring, but people this is ridiculous. I must have looked like such a total dork sitting there, jabbering all confident with my earring gone.

    I’m not going to obsess.

    And if I happen to get the job, I promise I won’t ask them if I lost my earring during the interview.

    On an entirely different note, there is a worker at my unemployment coffee shop that doesn’t know my name and keeps calling me by the same “wrong” name each time I see him. It’s been like that for weeks. And the uncomfortable thing is – he’s the only one who doesn’t know my real name. The other workers do. What should I do about that situation?

    Anyways, that’s another post for another day.

    Now, I’m off to look for that cursed earring.

    Oh, and Happy 4th of July everyone!