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December, 2012

  1. Hello 2013!

    December 31, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    We say goodbye to 2012 and welcome in another year. I must say this hasn’t been one of my easier years. Although as a result of being laid off, I did start a new blog that I have enjoyed every step of the way!

    One of my biggest goals for 2013 is to grow in some way. I’m not exactly sure how, but I am sure I will think of something.

    This will be even easier once I have wifi again.

    Anyways, have a wonderful new year and don’t forget to honk the car horn at midnight! Ha ha…sorry…family joke.

    Thank you for stopping by and celebrating with me!

  2. Company Christmas Bonus – The Myth

    December 22, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    I read in a few different news stories recently that Christmas bonuses are on the rise. In fact, Forbes even said that if you don’t get a Christmas bonus, well you stand alone (or at least, you stand among very few) –


    cheese, stands, aloone

    See? The cheese stands alone.


    Anyways, so when I came into work this morning, this fact I had been reading ringing in my brain, I went to my desk and saw an envelope.

    Immediately, I thought this –

    christmas bonus

    Envelope means cash, right?

    When I ripped it open, instead, I found this –


    A non cash card 


    Ladies and Gentleman…this was not a Christmas bonus. This was an empty envelope. Okay, not empty. It was more like a Christmas card from a coworker, which I thought was sweet.

    But still…

    So, a half hour later, the new guy came in…and he had an envelope too, apparently, because before he did anything else, he frantically opened his envelope. I could almost feel the disappointment in the room.

    I waited…thinking…well, maybe they are going to give it to us later in the day.

    Hours went by. And nothing. Not even a card from my employer.

    Instead, I didn’t get to leave early, didn’t get any bonus…and ate way too much candy.

    …so…maybe my Christmas bonus is that I actually have a job?  On another note, I don’t have nearly as much trouble with my difficult coworker (she seemed to have shifted that hat onto someone else, actually), and I actually enjoyed my job today. So, that’s something.

    And to be honest, I’ve never gotten one from any company I’ve worked for.  In my opinion, this Christmas bonus thing is a myth.

    Did anyone else get a Christmas bonus? Have you ever? If not, what do usually you get from your employer?



  3. Fingers Crossed For My Missed Connection Post

    December 14, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Hotter Online

    Online Dating Reality

    I would probably not be writing this if it wasn’t for that second glass of wine and an encouraging tweet from one of my awesome blog friends Lady J Wanderlust –



    So my mom hasn’t been able to afford a new car in a while, so I usually go with her to the mechanic she uses and I have to say, the guy that works there is so cute. Weirdly, he also reminds me of the guy I accidentally farted in front of in the 6th grade (I don’t like to talk about it). I have always liked him, he has a cute smile and he likes my mom (and she likes him too…you see? This was meant to be). Plus, he’s a little taller than me, and at 5’10, I appreciate that.

    So, tonight, after he flashed that adorable grin at me and my mom (most importantly, at me), I decided to take the plunge and post on Craigslist’s Missed Connections.

    I am not so into my wine that I will actually post a link to it (no, that will not be happening), but I wanted to let you all know that I did it. Especially just in case he actually responds.

    Now, will I get any type of response? I have no idea and I sincerely doubt it, especially because I have this sneaking suspicion he has a girlfriend (he has that married/long term relationship attitude about him). But, you never know right?

    Anyways…tomorrow is a office gift exchange that I’m taking part in and you know that will inspire a post.

    Happy (almost) Friday everyone!

  4. Do I Have to be a “Company Person” To Succeed?

    December 14, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    This is the question I ask myself as I come home from work after having avoided my office gift exchange (yes, I know I planned on going and even bought a gift, but I chickened out).

    Do I have to go to every work function, after work drinks, join a department baseball team, and work unpaid from my remote desktop during my off hours to keep my job or get a promotion?

    Maybe so.

    Yet, I wonder if all of that is really necessary. Is that kind of devotion expected and even required of us to maintain any kind of respectable footing?

    Probably so , but to be honest with you, I’m not sure I can be that person. I do want to go into work and do a good job. I want to learn about the field I work in and advance within the company. I want to have a good rapport with the people I interact with and own up to and learn from my mistakes when I make them. I will respect my employers, my coworkers, companies I interact with, the company I represent and their clients.

    But I can’t promise the other stuff. I can’t play in a baseball team because I think it will reduce my chances of getting laid off.

    And in my experience, it wouldn’t make a difference. At the company I did get laid off from this year, I wasn’t a company person necessarily, but other people were and they did get laid off. One employee was even best friend’s with the owner’s daughter and she got laid off a month after me.

    What do you think? Are you a company person? Do you think being a “company person” makes a difference at work? Why or why not?

  5. The Infamous Office Gift Exchange and My Gift

    December 13, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    I’m actually writing this the night before, but I have decided to take part in the office gift exchange going on this season and since I’ve taken a slightly anonymous approach in my blog, you guys get first look at my gift exchange (which I am glad to say, will not include the coworker who has caused me so much trouble; luckily, she decided not to participate).

    Okay, so you all have scene “A Christmas Story,” right? It’s that epic movie that gets played over and over again on TBS on Christmas Day?

    Well, here is what I found when I was coming home from a dinner with family and I passed by a gift shop just down the street from my job –

    The Leg Lamp Christmas Stocking

    I cannot believe I found this!

    So, it’s one of those gift exchanges where we just switch with one person and they can trade up to three times. I am really, really hoping I don’t get the whole “what is it” glare. Since this is such a well known movie, I’m banking on most people knowing what this is from.

    Wish me luck everyone!

    What was your last office gift exchange like? Any horror stories out there?

  6. A Relocation and Unemployment Story – An Anonymous Guest Post

    December 7, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    When I first started this blog, I wanted to give job seekers the chance to share their story, just like I was able to share mine. So when I got this email the other day from someone sharing their unemployment story, I knew that this was something you all should read. A special thank you to them for letting me publish their story. At their request , I will not disclose their name.

    I used to live in New Hampshire, born, raised, and spent 29 years of my life there. The company I worked for (an affiliate [of a major web store]) decided to move to Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati. Come to find out, they decided I could be one of the lucky ones that could keep their job if I moved with them. So, three months ago, I headed down to Kentucky to do just that; the new job would be a pay raise ($17/hr isn’t too bad for someone without a college degree, especially with how the economy is). It was different, adjusting to the culture of this place versus that of the Northeast, but hey, it was the company I have been working with for almost two years. Featured in Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 two years straight, such incredible potential!

    …then they decided to re-structure. This was early November of 2012. Filing for unemployment has lead me nowhere, as I’ve not lived in Kentucky long enough to receive it (or so the woman said, though I’m not entirely sure that’s factual). Multiple staffing agencies, a myriad of applications, and countless companies I’ve sent my resume to have yielded nothing.


    At my wit’s end, with a total of $37 to my name now, having the make the hard choice of food or gas to find a job. Never once in my life would I have expected such a promising opportunity to end up like this. Facing potential eviction and repossession of my car in addition to an overall lack of, well, anything, is frightening.

    That’s my story, in a nutshell. But for now, time to see if The Salvation Army down here has any canned goods or if not, to see where the local soup kitchen is. Hopefully in walking distance.

    Please click the link above if you want to share your unemployment story or click the contact page link to reach out to me if you think you can give a helping hand to this job seeker.

  7. Getting Ahead At Work – Kind of Like Merging Into Bad Traffic

    December 6, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    You know that moment when you are trying to merge onto a major thoroughfare and it is really, really bad traffic? And it’s almost impossible to get in between any of the cars and they are just backed up together, refusing to let you in or ahead?

    Work is a little like that. You have to really fight to merge into the lane of success (corny metaphor, I know, but it was calling for that).

    I realized that today when my difficult coworker (her nick name is a work in progress) – stayed home for the third day in a row.

    To give you some background, usually she sends out an email every morning with an update of what me and the other data entry paper pushers should get done or any reminders.

    Well that didn’t get sent today, because Miss Difficult didn’t work from home today as she had been doing the other two days.

    And guess who took advantage?
    You guessed it!

    Right after I realized this, I sent out my own email to my fellow data peeps and distributed Miss Difficult’s usually daily data entry work to the three of us. I let Miss Difficult and this other semi- supervisor that I did this and guess what I was told by the semi-supervisor:

    “Wow, Lady Employed, thank you for taking the lead on that.”

    Music to my ears.

    This is the first time since being at this job that I found a way to get ahead and take charge. This just doesn’t happen often enough for me. And today I realized that getting ahead is a lot like merging into bad traffic. The nice people just can’t get in edge wise and if you are overly polite and worry about other people getting mad, you are never going to get in. Instead, you have to edge yourself into the highway and shove yourself in. The same thing applies at work and it’s the only way you can get ahead at work.

    Find those opportunities where there is a weakness – and address it/fix it/better it.

    What is your advice for getting ahead at worK?

  8. Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease? Or Are You Being Ignored for a Reason?

    December 5, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Whether it’s a job, a love interest, or any opportunity of some kind, we want to have it and we want it now. And I know I’ve always heard the philosphy, “Squeaky wheel gets the grease.” This is usually the motto I go by when I’m pursuing something (or someone).

    But there comes a point where the wheel starts to squeak just too damn much and it becomes easier to replace the whole thing and get rid of it.

    While I’ve already learned the hard way with the opposite sex that it isn’t always good to be so aggressive, I’m beginning to wonder if the same policy can apply to work scenarios.
    At least, that’s what I’ve wondered lately.

    You see, when I first started my new job in August, I was told that I would be learning additional job duties that would put me into a higher career path. But so far since starting, I have only done data entry. Not exactly the bill of goods I thought I was being sold.
    I followed my own philosphy though and I have regularly asked my supervisor about the training opportunities and expressed my enthusiasm. Yet, today it hit me – am I being ignored for a reason?

    Really, I can’t help, but wonder this. I only hear remarks along the lines of, “We need to get the other new people settled first,” or “I’m communicating with so-and-so about the training this week and I’ll let you know.” I keep getting the brush off and this gives me pause.

    It’s never good to be a passive individual and it’s always good to show and express interest, but just like I’ve learned with guys, if you are the only one sending out signals of interest, is it time to prepare yourself for rejection?

    What do you think? Is the philosphy, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” only good up to a point?

  9. When You Can’t Trust Helping A Coworker

    December 1, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    So, about a month ago someone new came to my job. It’s been sort of better because the focus has been less on me.

    But an interesting thing happened.

    I had been helping train this coworker when he first started, and until a couple of days ago it’s been going okay. And then I helped him with a question.

    A couple of minutes later, I hear from that person I’ve been having trouble with who addressed the answer I gave this new person and explained that I didn’t answer his question properly.

    How on earth did the new guy even bring up my incorrect answer to this difficult coworker?

    A lot of scenarios came to mind about why this may not have been on purpose, but I immediately knew I was on dangerous territory because the last thing I need is more reason for that difficult coworker to get on my case. Mistake or not, the more I avoid communicating with that difficult person, the better.

    From now on? No more help from me. He can ask the difficult person from now on. It won’t be me. Work is cutthroat and it’s all about knowing how to play people’s games. And I figured out his.

    Have you ever had this happen to you? How did you handle this?