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2013 – A Year of Joblessness, Death, and Bizarre Intuition

May 13, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

My Financial Advisor

If this writing thing doesn’t work out, maybe I should become a psychic.

If you are wondering where I’ve been the past couple of weeks or why my posts have been sporadic, I owe you an apology. I don’t mean to drop off the place of our virtual planet we have here, and yet, I don’t think I could have written a single post these past few weeks, considering all that’s happened.

To give some background, around last August or October, I had a deep gut feeling that something would happen before, during, or after April of 2013. I couldn’t shake it, and I didn’t really know from what direction I could expect it. I knew it would be big though and I’ve never been so specific about an intuition as I was last year. I also felt that what would hit was that feeling of – nothing would ever feel the same again.

Well, I was right.

I thought it may be health related – and that’s when I ran off to the doctor with back to back appointments in January to check out a few concerns I had going on with my body.

Nope, nothing there.

I thought it may be my job. I do have a weird habit of quitting jobs in the spring. Yet, here I am, rounding the bend towards a year, and things are as calm as I could expect from this job. No, not my dream job, but I’m still here.

And then March rolled around.

Well, my oldest brother has been out of work over a year. And without few opportunities in our state coming his way, he decided to move at a drop of a hat. It was very sudden and still a little shocking. But I know the direction he is going now is something he needed to do and I just hope he finds better success there than he ever did heere.

Then April happened.

My mom lost her job. This came as a total shock as well and was the last thing either one of us expected.

It was sad to hear my mom share this news and to see that moment happen to her. I know she will come out on top though, she has a lot of drive and determination (hey, where do you think I get it from?)!


I found out in last weekend that my father died.  To give some background, I haven’t spoke my father since I was 6. It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen him and within that time, he sent me a letter maybe once or twice. I never did hold a lot of hatred or grudges towards him, but he was abusive to me and I had no interest in seeing him.

But he died a little over a week ago. It was weird hearing the news and I did get sad a little bit. Mostly sad because I knew that I was losing the only father I’ll ever have, that on his death bed he had no interest in reaching out to me, and that he never wanted to acknowledge what he did to me. So, a lot of mixed emotions went on.

I’m fine now and I certainly didn’t get sad long. But it was weird hearing that news.


If you are wondering why I’ve been so absent lately, well there you have it. The past few months have been – just as I felt – life changing.  Things as they were before, won’t be the same again. And so far, it’s just been a weird, weird year. Although I have an interesting feeling, some good may be lurking around the corner.

And I guess all I can say is – listen to your intuition and if it won’t leave you alone about something – hold on tight for an odd, odd ride.



  1. Jean says:

    I’m very sorry to hear your father passed away… even if he wasn’t active in your life, we only get one, and it makes take a long while to process what it means to you — I know the feeling. I’m sure you’ve heard all sorts of advice, but the only thing I can say is nothing you are going to feel is invalid: you might be really sad and not feel it’s warranted because of the relationship, or at times feel relieved, because you now know the outcome. Nothing is invalid, all part of the grieving process.

    Well, the only upside for your mom is many jobs in the country are picking up, so I hope she’s able to find a new job, soon! Good luck to her, you and your family. I wish you well and I’ll be thinking about you. Take care.

    • Thanks Jean, my fellow Lady blogger. 🙂 Yeah, it’s been a weird few months – I’m pretty okay now. And I’m hoping the job situation turns around for both my mom and my brother – we need good news!

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