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February, 2013

  1. Monday Rant – Having a Bad Day Too?

    February 25, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    I am having a horrible day. If you read my blog post last night, you will know I was fully prepared for this rotten day. As I fume the whole day until I can go home, I want to invite you to rant with me.

    Did someone cut you off on the road? Did you get on someone’s sh*t list and it pisses you off? Do you have to wait in a long line for some reason?

    Anything, I want to hear it.

    Meanwhile. I will be silently screaming at my desk at work.

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  2. Difficult Coworkers Will Always Be Difficult – News @ 11

    February 24, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    Be thankful for all the difficult people in your life, and learn from them. They have shown you exactly who you do not want to be.

    My last blog post about my difficult coworker being difficult was back in late September. Things did get better. Except several months later, I am back there again.

    To  catch you up, a coworker that I have had quite a few problems with is moving. This means that my “difficult coworker” gets to move into her position – it is a promotion and one my “difficult coworker” has been waiting on since she started. At first I thought, “Yay! She’ll get off my damn back.”

    Turns out that wasn’t the case. Instead, Thursday, I receive another essay like email from my “difficult coworker” explaining how the two other entry level people and I should write and format our emails. No one had a problem with, except for me. This time I played it safe though. I wrote to the “nice girl” in the office. She is part of training and coordinating with the manager of my department; also she is more advanced in the company than my difficult coworker. I showed the “nice girl” a separate format that I created (because in my opinion, the difficult coworker’s format sucked) and let her know what the “difficult coworker” wanted.

    Well, turns out the “nice girl” and two other head people in my department liked my format.

    The “nice girl” advised me to let the “difficult coworker” know about how I had used this format with the other people and they approved it. Well, I emailed my” difficult coworker” this, without letting her know I had checked in with the “nice girl”.

    The difficult coworker shut me down and asked the two other spineless people that are entry level like me which one they liked the most. Of course, they liked hers. Not to mention the “difficult coworker” warned us that she will give us feedback on our formatting when she does read our emails (because tragically, with this new position, I’ll have to email the “difficult coworker” three times as much; sigh).

    I let the “nice girl” know about this, who said since the other people in the department liked mine, we should use mine instead.

    In fact she said, the “difficult coworker” should never even sent this email without checking in with her. Not to mention, my boss and the “nice girl” have no idea why the “difficult coworker” even sends these emails.

    I’ll ignore the fact that this was basically admitting that my manager has allowed the “difficult coworker” to rule the nest for a while now.

    Anyways, she also told me that the “difficult coworker” shouldn’t even be concerning herself with the jobs of the three entry level people anymore with this promotion.

    Well, game on people. The “nice girl” emailed the difficult coworker about using my format instead or, at least, letting the others in the department decide. She also told me she would let me know what this difficult coworker said when she replied.

    I never heard back from the “nice girl” and know for a fact that the difficult coworker stewed for a good five hours.

    I feel like, though, I let this moment build for too long. I had ignored it since late September, because I had thought we reached an amicable agreement that she leaves me the hell alone, and I don’t tear her a new one. For a while this lasted. It helped that around October, someone else new came in. Yet somehow with this horrid email she sent, it made me realize that my problems with her will never go away. I’m trying to think of what I could have done differently early on, but I come up blank.

    If you didn’t read anything in this post, I hope you read this – difficult coworkers will always be difficult. This situation proves it. The best you can do is meet the moment head on and get the hell out before the situation eats you alive.

    How do you handle difficult coworkers? Does it ever get better? Have you ever met head on with a difficult coworker and did that make a difference?

  3. Saturday Night Confessions – What’s On Your Mind?

    February 23, 2013 by Lady Unemployed


    Last weekend, I uncovered a new and fun weekly activity to bring about some of your most interesting stories – confessions.

    Originally, I made it about your employment (and unemployment) stories – and it can be about that too – but I want to open up the gates and let you confess whatever you may please.

    So, with a couple of wine glasses down, here’s my confession of the evening – a guy that I liked while I was a teenager is still on my mind on a fairly regular basis. We never even went out. (And yes, I’ve looked him up on Facebook, and he’s married with kids).

    What’s your confession? It can be about anything – behavior on a job, behavior during an interview, your relationships, or anything else in between. It can be big or small. You can be anonymous, too.

  4. Monday Rant – What’s Your Gripe Today?

    February 18, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    Today is my weekly Monday Rant! It doesn’t have to be about work, though. I know how it is if you are looking for a job. Sometimes having a job to rant about is exactly what you want!

    For me, I have the day off. I will probably go see a movie with my family today. So really, I don’t have much to rant about. But that doesn’t mean your day is any less crappy!

    So tell me your rant. Whether its that interviewer who brushed you off, the person who cut you off on the road, or the coworker who put you down. I want to hear it!

    What is your rant today?

  5. My Newest Feature – Your Employment (And Unemployment) Confessions

    February 16, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    I have added a feature to my blog that I hope can bring about some new interest and fascinating reads.

    People seem to love confessions. All kinds  – the good, the bad, the ugly. Although to be honest, you never hear about work place or job search confessions. What do we really do when we don’t think our coworkers or unemployment office isn’t looking?

    Well, that’s where I come in. I want to hear about your confessions – those little (or big) wrong doings that you feel a little guilty about to this day. Big or small – I want to know. I can promise one thing – I will publish your story as anonymous as I can make it.

    So…why did you make Santa’s naughty list? Read this first and then send me an email once you are ready to confess the real story.

  6. Finally Settled (Sort of) At Work – 6 Months Later

    February 15, 2013 by Lady Unemployed


    There should be a form you sign when you start any job that it will suck for 6 months. Like, really suck. And by signing this form, you acknowledge that yes, you are aware of the suck factor of the job. After 6 months, if the suck factor is still significantly high, than you have every right to leave ASAP.

    I will confess that the suck factor has gone down at my job. I’m getting more job duties and while I still sneer at the thought of working overtime for these people, I am in a better place at this job. I am still licking my wounds from the rough start I had at this place. I feel burned and I’m not sure I will ever feel differently.

    But it isn’t as awful as it used to be. I’m learning, getting better, and it’s being acknowledged by my colleagues (sort of; acknowledged here means I’m not getting emails that criticize me and threaten to banish me from showing my face there again).

    There are a few areas that bug me…irk me, so to speak. First, I rarely ever hear from my boss. I mean, literally, she almost never speaks to me (emails don’t count) Or anyone really. This bothers me. A lot. I’ve never had a boss that spoke to me so little. Second, there are way too many meetings. It is such a time waster. This past week, I will have spent about two hours in meetings. Three hours the week before. Three hours the week before that.

    Will I stay there? Will they send emails professing how amazing I am because I’ve managed to last there twelve years? Ha. I doubt it.

    I’m fairly certain I’ll start looking in a year…but today wasn’t bad, and for that I am grateful.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  7. Monday Work Rant – Come Rant With Me!

    February 11, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    So far my Monday isn’t entirely rotten, but I’ve only been at my desk about an hour and a half. The day is still young!

    Anyways, my newest philosophy that gets me threw the long work days – live one day at a time and make each day count. So how will you make today count?

    So come along and rant with me. Tell me your work woes, your unemployment woes, your family woes, I want to hear it! Monday is pretty awful no matter where you are at, so let’s rant together!

  8. Finally Friday Celebration – Inspiration and Opportunity Found Here!

    February 8, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    Okay, to make up for my unusually blunt, and sad post the other day, I wanted to post a “Finally Friday Celebration” post! Today is Friday. Ladies and Gentleman, this means we can sleep in, drink way too much without the guilt (um…when we get home from work of course), and be around people that are really awesome (um…after work, of course) . Or at least, hopefully you will be around people that are awesome when you’re not at work.

    To give you another little nugget about my real life persona and personality, I want to share with you an awesome celebratory video that my mom showed me the other day. It has religious roots to it, but I think you can appreciate the true joy that comes from this song. It has nostalgic attachments to it, because I actually know the church this was filmed in, but it’s good nostalgia (not nostalgic that makes me cry, luckily!).

    I hope this video come through. The embed feature from YouTube doesn’t quite work well with WordPress for some reason.

    Anyways, the fog has lifted, I’m feeling physically better and even a little emotionally better. Thank you for letting me take the time to express myself the other day and thank you to those of you who took the time to comment or message me directly.

    On a final note, I’m always a huge fan of giveaways, contests, and cheap easy ways to get myself out of this daily grind I’m in, so I found some amazing sites to find casting calls for Game Shows.

    • The CW is hosting a casting call for their new show based on the book The Hunger Games. Can you imagine? They say the drop you in the middle of the wilderness and hope you survive. Isn’t that awesome??
    • In case you feel like you would make a wonderful reality show star, I found a website that actually lists a bunch of reality show casting calls. Can you be the next Kim Kardashian?
    • For some reason, I only seemed to find a list of game show casting calls for the network NBC, but in case you feel inspired, here’s what I found.

    Anyways, have an amazing weekend everybody!

  9. The Sadness of Trauma (And My Brother’s Mental Illness)

    February 6, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    So, time to get serious on everyone. I wanted to get this out and there is no amount of my dry wit that will perk up this blog entry. And this will be a long post, so bear with me.

    In January of 2003, my second oldest brother woke up on a beautiful Sunday morning and had an epileptic seizure. I remember the sounds of his feet banging against the ground before I realized what was going on. He had gotten fired from his job in August of the previous year and had woken up faithfully every morning, got dressed, and looked for a job. Yet, from the point he got laid off onward, my mom, my oldest brother and I all knew something was wrong (we just didn’t know what).

    And there he was, on the floor of his bedroom, having a grand mal epileptic seizure.

    We called 9-1-1. I remember my mom took charge and I watched her as she spoke to the 9-1-1 operator and followed their instructions. She tried to keep my brother calm, and made sure he didn’t try to stand. I remember he blew in her face, because he wasn’t fully conscious and didn’t know what was going on. The moment now plays out in my mind in slow motion, like I could step in and watch it play out before me all over again.

    When the firemen came, it took 5 of them, to hold down my 6’5 brother. Five of them. They needed to get him on the gurney to get him to the hospital and that was the only way.

    Then when they finally got him on the gurney, my brother yelled and screamed. He had no idea what was going on and I remember his eyes to this day – wild, terrified, confused.

    Jump ahead a few hours, and there we are in the hospital – the three of us – my mom, oldest brother and I – waiting on him.

    When they take us to see him, and this part sort of blurs in my mind, somehow in someway he tells my mom that he’s been considering suicide for a while now.

    Suicide? My brother?

    This next part I remember – my mom then asks him if she can tell the nurse, because it’s really important that she let someone know. She said it in such a caring way, her voice was careful and concerned and very mom like all at the same time. And he says yes, she can.

    When she does tell the hospital – and this is next part blurs in my mind as well – we learn they need to keep him for a 72 hour hold. They end up taking him to another hospital that’s about an hour away.

    Jump ahead three days and there we are in the hospital, those cold white walls with the bright lighting, and we are listening to this doctor tell us about what’s going on with him. I remembered thinking she sat too close to us.

    She tells us that my brother has the beginning signs of Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia? I don’t even remember knowing what that meant exactly. What is that?

    Little did I know. Oh, how I didn’t know. You know, we long to return to the days of our youth, somehow forgetting about the bad times we’ve had. I wouldn’t want to relive those days for all the money in the world.

    Jump ahead 10 years…10 years. I’m 26 now. My mom her early sixties. My two brothers both in their early to mid 30s. My brother who now has battled with Schizophrenia for 10 years has somehow, miraculously, survived. Each day he is alive is truly a gift.

    I’ve been inside countless mental hospitals to visit him. I’ve even read an article about him online about a crime he did – nothing too serious, but enough for him to be put in jail. I’ve heard things from him that I’ve had to respond to in a calm, understanding way when I was feeling anything but. I’ve heard my brother admit he didn’t know how long he could last. There have been countless cops called, more suicide attempts, and more seizures. More time that has passed with the endless, unforgiving battle with his mental illness.

    And more recently, I’ve faced a sad realization that my brother may really die someday soon. A brother who was my best playmate growing up. The one who played disco party with me and my stuffed animals. Who I recorded pretend radio stations with. Who I played the video games Vandal HeartsFinal Fantasy VII, and Mortal Combat with.

    To save our own sanity, we now live in a different state from my brother and don’t see him as much anymore. I speak to him regularly. So does my mom. To explain how bad things got would take more than just one post  and even then you may not comprehend or fully understand. Trust me, though, when I say it was necessary for us to leave and put a distance between us and his mental illness.

    I’m writing this today because 2013 marks the tenth year we’ve been dealing with this. Ten whole years. And yet here we are, my mom, my oldest brother and I, still waiting on my brother to come back. We’re still waiting.

    I’ve been struggling to find meaning and purpose in the pain we’ve faced these past ten years. And lately, I’ve come up short.

    Instead, I can’t help but want those ten years back. I want those ten years without my brother having to face that. I want those ten years without mental illness hitting my family.

    I’m at a loss for how to end this post tonight, except to say thank you for taking the time to read. I know all of us have trauma we’ve handled and difficult times. Thank you for taking the time to read about mine. In case you are curious, for more information, please take the time to visit National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. They’ve been a wonderful support system for my family during these years.


  10. Monday Work Rant – Gripe With Me Today!

    February 4, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    scream and shout

    We are back again with Monday Work Rant! Remember the offer still stands – if you want to rant with me some Monday morning, make sure to let me know.

    So, it’s hell on Mondays and I’m certain my day isn’t going well (I’m writing this in advance to make sure I can rant with you guys). Not to mention, I’m still struggling with a cough that I haven’t been able to shake all week.

    Some news I haven’t shared yet – I will be trained on new job duties. Apparently, this involves working with someone who was the source of my difficult coworkers pain for quite some time – so much so that she lost 30 pounds because of the stress. Sure, I need to lose weight, but I’m not sure that is the healthiest weight loss plan.

    Anyway, enough about me, how is your Monday going? Did someone dump their bad attitude on you? Did you get blamed for something you didn’t do? Were you the punching bag for your boss today?

    Let me know, I want to hear it! We’ll rant about this crappy Monday together.