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“6 Months Later…I’m Still Unemployed” – An Unemployment Story by Deanne

July 25, 2015 by Lady Unemployed

I was fired. There I said it. I don’t like it at all. When I was fired in Dec 2014 after having a 3 mos PIP…which in itself was an invitation to leave – I stated with confidence I might add “I’ll be fine.”

Well it is now 6 mos and one 9 week stint of contract work later and I’m still UNEMPLOYED and hating every minute! It’s funny how when we have jobs…maybe like our health we take them for granted. We say things like…’Man, wish I didn’t have to work today!’ or ‘Wow, wish I was unemployed so I could have nice days off!’ Well I am here to say that I will do my best to not say those things when I do get another job. I miss the work-a-day life…the grind…the very thing that kept me getting up in the morning.

These days I am doing all I can to not cry (yes cry) continually and hide under the covers hoping someone will take pity on me and simply offer me a job…unbidden by the way! I read the woman from Georgia’s post and agree with her, I am grateful for all that I have otherwise and happy about my life outside of a job, but feel pretty low about not getting a job after 70+ applications, several phone interviews and face-to-face interviews too and still no offer. It has lead me to continually ask…”what do they have I don’t?”

The general answer is experience; either too much or too little? My last boss was under 30 and was given the job of being my manager with maybe 9 mos experience, I had 4 at the time…yep…I’m a bit angry with that but it seems even though I have done everything I was supposed to for my career path…gotten my degree in the field, obtained not one but 2 certifications and joined groups and attend meetings and keep my skills up-to-date I have not yet been hired. I think maybe my anger, my sadness, my now lack of confidence is leaking into my otherwise happy disposition and infecting me keeping me from truly enjoying my life! I try to enjoy my life otherwise but feel happiest on weekends when all those working are not just like me. Short lived but a reprieve from my day-to-day.

Well on to more job submissions…darn electronic things…no personal touches anymore…sad but true.

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  1. Carmen says:

    Deanne, thanks for posting this. You’ve nailed what all of us feel, when we’ve lost the autonomy, feeling of reponsibility, social acceptance & so forth, that comes from having a regular job. And you’re right, online applications are almost like filling out a lottery ticket. Good luck & best wishes to you. Myself and many others are in exactly the same place as you, and so know what you’re going through. Don’t blame yourself for the position you’re in, particularly since job hunting in this 21st century can be more difficult and frustrating than climbing Mt Everest. Enjoy the free time you do have.

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