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A Week Without a Phone Call

June 12, 2012 by Lady Unemployed


The enemy

Ladies and Gentleman, meet the enemy.
The telephone.
Also, email.
But mostly – the telephone.
And another week has gone by without receiving one. phone. call. Not one.
How is that possible? At this point, I’m certain I’ve sent out nearly 100 resumes. Or at least, I’m pretty close. And it’s getting to that point where I’m kind of freaking out. I’ve never been out of work this long. Four months? At the most it’s been two months. But never this long.
So, what does my week look like without a phone call?
Well, let’s take a look. Here is a play-by-play layout of Monday through Friday, waiting for my phone call.
“I’m feeling really good! I’m certain I’ll get a call this week. Probably have an interview by Friday, maybe even start my new job by next Monday.”
Overall Feeling: positive, hopeful
“That’s okay. No one really calls on a Monday anyways. Employers probably like to wait on a Tuesday, because…they just do. Yup, I’m definitely going to get a call today.”
Overall Feeling: somewhat positive, hope wavering
“I wonder if they get my emails? I should probably start a new email account.” (opens up 15th email account) “…There at least I know they will get my email. I wonder if I should start listing a different number, though. Maybe I’m not getting the calls that do come in. Oh well, I’m certain I’ll get one by tomorrow. Someone is bound to call.”
Overall Feeling: positivity nearly gone, hope definitely fading, paranoia increasing drastically
“What if I never get a job again? Is that possible? I read online people are sometimes unemployed for years. How does that happen? That won’t happen to me. Will it? It can’t happen to me. No, it won’t happen to me.  Can it happen to me? Maybe I should change my number. Someone probably hacked into the phone line and are preventing calls from coming in. I should definitelychangemynumberormaybeIshouldn’tbecausewhatwillthe othersdothathavetheothernumberand….” (and so on, and so on)
Overall Feeling: positivity gone, hope definitely gone, paranoia through the roof, temper increasing
“…………………………………………………………………Oh my God, I’ll never work again.”
Overall Feeling: panicked, paranoid, and a short fuse. All signs point to stay the hell away from me.


  1. Jen says:

    That can certainly be frustrating! Having been downsized from a big firm years ago, I had to retrain and start my own business to get work 🙁 Very stressful, but I hope that you get that phone call soon!
    Stopping by from Totally Tuesday!

  2. Jen says:

    It will come! For the meantime, blog more and look for other ways to be productive. 🙂


    • Thanks! That’s the hard part! I’m worried about that question when it comes up, “So what have you been doing while looking for work?” My response, “Well looking for work. And blogging. But looking for work. Being away from the computer for an hour means I’m less likely to find a job!!”

  3. Chelle says:

    I understand your frustration, I don’t know what beliefs you have, but maybe the universe is trying to get you going in a different direction? It’s to have this belief, even when things are not okay, they are still okay.
    I could tell you my employment story, but this is about you.

    • It’s definitely something I have considered and am very open to the directions I may be led to! And that is definitely part of my belief system. I do believe we are in the spot we are in for a reason. I do hope I get some type of sign though. 🙂

  4. here’s a trick. Have you heard of It’s a website that creates word clouds. Copy a job description into Wordle and click go. The word cloud will bring key words from the job description to the front. Rewrite your resume to reflect those key words then copy your resume into Wordle and create a new word cloud. Your Resume word cloud should match the Job Description word cloud – they should have 98% of the same key words. Then do the same with a cover letter. Then save all docs and a pic of the word clouds in a folder for that job application only (to refer to when you get an interview). Finally submit your cover letter and resume for the job and watch the Taleo System analyzing your submission jump for joy because somebody finally beat the system! Hallelujah!

    Only 5% of resumes ever see human eyes. Make yours one of those. We have a group here called Charlotte Works, free job hunting, resume, networking and everything else you need to find a job classes!

  5. Reema Hibrawi (@Reema_H_) says:

    Job searching is the ultimate emotional roller coaster. It really takes you back to high school where everything was a big deal and makes you bipolar.

    My best “advice” or tough lesson was to find projects or goals to feel productive about, WHILE job searching. That way you aren’t a neurotic mess and feel productive having accomplished other things. (Your blog is definitely one of them!) I basically volunteered in things that were related or not, made sure to exercise AND socialize. Those all keep you sane and in a normal routine like everyone else. I set for myself a schedule of job searching, networking, job fairs, etc.

    So when the right opportunity came along I was a more confident and happy person. (Those people tend to do better in interviews!) Sorry for the long rant!

    • This is very true!! Keeping active and pursuing activities such as blogging and other stuff like that has helped me stay energized for sure! That way when I come in to an interview, I do feel I have something to offer! Thanks for the rant. 🙂

  6. Val says:

    Just found your blog (I know I’m late to the game) and oh how I wish this blog post didn’t hit so close to home! Glad to know your story has a “happy”ending. Hoping I get mine soon.


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