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  1. Lady (Un) Employed – Is This Thing On?

    April 3, 2017 by Lady Unemployed

    Long time no speak everyone!

    Yes, it has been close to six months maybe even longer since my last post. Confession – I’m sneak writing this at work.

    Well, I thought I would write a post and check in on people. I may need to rethink my promotion methods and seek out some ways for this little blog that could to get some attention.

    Anyways, life is sort of the same in some ways. I’m still at the day job I got over four and a half years ago. Still in a city I’m not too happy about. However, I think change is on the way. Have you ever felt change coming before it came? That’s how I’m feeling. Maybe that’s why I decided to revive this dusty blog.

    As the seasons turn and I rethink how I can reach new people, I thought it was time to find out if you were still out there, reading this blog. I would love to know!

    I still accept Unemployment Stories by the way. Feel free to send me an email to if you want to share.

  2. An Update from Lady Unemployed (And My End of Summer Blues)

    September 1, 2015 by Lady Unemployed

    Although I am happy to see the summer time come to an end, especially since it’s been a really hot summer, but something about seeing things get darker at night leaves me a feeling a little blue. It isn’t like I’m seeing my summer vacation come to an end or anything, but once September hits I notice that the year goes faster and faster.

    I also notice there aren’t as many job opportunities opening up these days. And despite my family and my desire to move out of the state we’re living in now, it’s getting even harder to find the right opportunity to get us up and out of here.

    Things at work are going okay, although I have a sneaking suspicion another round of lay offs may be around the corner. They are losing clients and that monthly bonus that each employee gets keeps getting smaller and smaller. What doesn’t help is that management doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge the struggle (what’s the old Dr. Phil adage? You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge?)

    One thing I did conquer this summer was the company party. I did manage to attend one and I can tell you what helped me get props from my boss yet still avoid people all together is to volunteer to help out. THAT was my ticket to survival.

    More new people keep getting hired and somehow I feel it’s in anticipation for the next round of employees who are trying to quit before the company lays anyone else off. Which I’m hoping will be me.

    And yet a sneaking suspicion is irking me about a change coming around the bend for me and my family. I just can’t pinpoint what it is.

    We’ll see.

    How are things going for you lately?

  3. 5 Signs Your Employer Isn’t Doing As Well As They Think They Are

    February 21, 2015 by Lady Unemployed

    Lay offs are in the air again at my company. Not to mention, things have slowed down significantly in my own job duties. I’m stagnating in my department and I’m no longer getting work from the creative department. Right now everything is screaming at me that it’s time for me to leave. It doesn’t feel right yet – and no, that isn’t the fear of change talking – but that’s another conversation for another day.

    Anyway, despite the smiles and encouraging meetings saying how WELL the company is doing and how STRONG we are, I am noticing small inconsistencies with these statements.

    1. Remodeling seems more like cutting the fat.

    They’ve repainted the walls, sure. Bathrooms seem to be more organized. But I’m not seeing a whole lot of remodeling actually happening. The carpet is the same, the break room looks the same, the desk layout is the same. Pretty much everything is the same. Except books, artwork, and excess furniture are given away to employees as well as donated.

    It might just be a slow process, but it just doesn’t seem right to me.

    2. Layoffs are happening.

    I feel like this is the most obvious sign. Worse is when layoffs happen without some big depressing meeting to follow. Just the other day, two employees were let go right after a meeting that spewed (false) uplifting messages about how well the company is doing and how this year will be a great one.

    The people let go were directly related to dealing with clients and if the clients leave that means more lay offs will happen.

    3. Key people are leaving.

    Since this year began, the revolving door quality of the company has slowed down a bit, but I noticed a couple of key people have left for new opportunities. According to IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals), one of the signs a company is going under is high level employees have started to leave.

    The most notable person leaving is a guy in human resources who usually has the most positive attitude and engaging quality. No, he’s not a manager, but still, he’s definitely not someone I would have expected to leave.

    4. There aren’t many new clients coming in.

    If I recall correctly, in the most recent company meeting, the main boss stated that we need to start pursuing the “big clients” and that smaller clients require way too much effort for little return. It makes sense to me from what I understand about things. But I don’t see the company I work for getting new clients like this. They aren’t getting high revenue generating clients these days. In fact, from the clients they do have, I am noticing more and more reduced budgets and spending.

    5. When one big mouth takes vacation, you can see how quiet things really are.

    You know that person in the office that always seems to generate noise? That no matter where they are, conversations bubble upon around them like new spring flowers. Well, just let that person take a vacation and suddenly things are dead as a doornail. The office doesn’t seem nearly that busy any more.

    I feel like this is one small sign. It isn’t a big one but it flies in the face of a bubbling percolating business. It tells me that they know how to hire and encourage the right personalities so things SEEM busy.

    Like I always say about my insights, this may just be me. Also I really think it only takes one time of being laid off to be cautious and hypersensitive about it happening again. I’m also certain that the company won’t go under overnight and that it takes time for things to happen (boil a frog slowly metaphor anyone?). But no one’s job is secure no matter what the reports say about economic growth and no matter how many encouraging meetings my company has.

    What are signs that you’ve noticed about a company going under?

  4. Is the Workplace Becoming a Hostile Environment?

    January 8, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    This week my mom started her new job. It was a relief at first especially considering unemployment benefits had come to an end for her, but her first few days at work have been hard. She’s been criticized and at day three, they are expecting her to have the same speed as the people who have been there for years. It isn’t fair at all.

    Yet all of this feels so familiar, doesn’t it? Not so long ago, I was having these same issues. It’s like the same cast of characters that appeared at my job – has appeared at hers. You have the nonexistant boss, the bully coworker, and the passive go-between.

    It makes me wonder something – is the workplace in general becoming hostile? Should we all be expecting a critical unsupportive environment when we walk into work? How do you handle these types of environments?

  5. Would You ­ Could You ­ Work From Home?

    November 1, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    I am in the state of decision making. You know, that thing you have to do as a grown up that can change the course of things for you. The little decisions that can become big decisions. The big decisions that can turn into even bigger decisions.

    Okay, I’m rambling.

    I am considering a job that allows me to work from home. In fact, everyone who works for this particular company, works from home. It is a permanent, full time job with benefits. The pay is about the same (a little more, in fact) than what I’m making now, too.

    The big thing is ­ do I want to work from home?

    To be honest, I’m not sure.

    I wrote out the positives and negatives. The negative is the isolation and the potential for stir crazy. Not to mention, I’d get sick of my apartment.

    The positives? Well, no commute. I commute right now about an hour and forty five minutes to work all total each day. I’d be giving myself….nearly 9 to 10 hours more of my life back.

    Also, no office politics. I deal with the regular back­biting, snarky, misunderstandings that go on
    in the office day in and day out. Some days it makes me want to tear my hair out, other days I enjoy the comaradarie. This, by the way, inspires a lot of this blog’s content.

    Other benefits? Creative energy. Working from home will alow me to relax a little bit and not feel the pressure of not doing enough for my job (right now I get a lot of pressure to work overtime and a lot of my coworkers work up to 45 to 50 hours a week). I can’t say I will ever be willing to devote that many hours to a company, because my real dream and goal is to write and be published. In terms of my career, that will come first. If I can get some of my creative energy back that I lost after taking my current job, I will be much happier.

    Another downside that I forgot to mention ­ less exposure to potential guys to date. But here’s the thing, I’ve never dated someone from work. I got close once, but it sort of fell apart, and I really wanted to leave the company soon after. My lack of a dating life though may or may not be extremely affected by working from home because aside from going to work, I’m not really a social butterfly type of girl.

    Oh, and another downside is lack of a reason to go shopping. The thing is though I don’t go shopping now because my credit sucks and I’m in debt. So, no real love lost there. The thing is though I may feel silly getting dressy to go sit in my bedroom.

    Another downside is that the person I’m assisting right now at work has finally gotten comfortable with me and happy with my work for the first time since I started. She has struggled getting an assistant (went through four before me) and knows she can work with me. If I take this new job, I’ll be disappointing her. I know I shouldn’t make a decision based on whether or not I will make someone feel bad, but that is a factor I’m weighing here.

    Another positive? Moveability. I’m a restless spirit and I hate the idea of staying in one place for any lengthy period. If I do have a work at home job, this will allow me to consider moving out of the state or city I’m in, without the worry of needing a job first.

    To throw in one final positive, I think I’d like what I’d be doing there more than what I’m doing now. I’d be doing a job involving talking with customers throughout the day and I like that type of work. No, it isn’t the flashy title I have now, but I do love customer service related jobs and I’m good at it too.

    With all of that swirling around in my head, I want to get feedback from you guys. Do you work from home or know someone who does? I’d love feedback and insight into this decision.

  6. I Have a Job Interview Today!

    August 5, 2013 by Lady Unemployed


    Ladies and gentleman…

    I have a job interview today! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I am proud to announce that I have a job interview this afternoon for a social networking job. This job is perfect for me and I have supposedly already impressed the CEO with my writing samples. It’s out of state too, which is awesome because I don’t like where I live.

    It’s been a stressful weekend, though, I’ve messed up three pots of coffee this morning, broke one hotel coffee pot already and finally after an hour of attempting, I finally have one cup of decent coffee in me.

    I’m extremely nervous and I’m really hoping I get this job.

    Cross your fingers everyone!

  7. Some Good News!

    July 23, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    I’m happy to announce that this past weekend my older brother found a job! After being unemployed a year and a half, he has found a job. He just had his first day of work the other day and I can’t tell you how proud I am of him.

    He is truly an inspiration as he never lost hope, kept trying and went for every opportunity and helping hand he could get. He reminds me to keep striving forward and to keep your hope alive no matter how tough it may seem. The past couple of months he even stayed in a shelter after moving to a new city with a better economy). Even then, he never quit trying. Not once.

    I hope everyone out there looking for work keeps on keeping on. It’s worth it and my brother is proof that you can find your way out of a bad period of time. You just have to keep going.

  8. Are You Telling Your Job You Want to Quit (Without Saying a Word)?

    March 15, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    It goes without saying I’m unhappy at my present job. Lately, it’s gotten worst. I feel like I’m being told about “mistakes” that aren’t really mistakes, but me doing my job.  As in, I’m doing things that I’m suddenly not allowed to do, and I’m being told by people who never had a problem with me before.

    Not to mention, I’ve gotten in trouble recently, and I have a suspicion about which people (i.e. my difficult coworker) are involved.


    The funny thing is I am ready to go. My mom commented to me recently, “You know, you aren’t having an easy time at this job, but you don’t act stressed.”  And my mom is right. I’m not stressed. Sure, I rant on here, but this is mostly virtual therapy for me.

    Finally this morning, I figured out why.

    It’s because I’m not willing to fight for this job.  And oddly, now I have even better reason not to.

    Ladies and gentleman, I have two interviews next week – for two different jobs. The odds are in my favor that yes, I am getting out of this job.

    Celebrations of Light Finale 2007

    Mini Celebration About My Interviews

    But I had a thought…

    …is it possible to give off signals to your employer that you are ready to quit, before you even quit?

    I did a little research and apparently there are signs you may be giving off that shows you are getting ready (or really really want) to leave.

    1) You’re making mistakes.

    Since I started, I’ve been told about the earth shattering mistakes I’ve been making, so it’s not a new thing for me to hear about mistakes. But maybe I’m making more than usual because I’m mentally already gone. Or maybe my coworkers are assh*les?

    Either way, be wary of the mistakes you are making, because according to, you may be giving off signals to your coworkers that you are losing your focus on your job.

    2) Coming in late/leaving early.

    I don’t leave early, but I admittedly come in late on occasion. Recently, though, it’s been a lot more common. Apparently, this is a sign that you are either preparing to leave or want to leave. Not to mention, I’m fully aware this is a problem for a lot of employers and could get me fired by coming in late all the time. So, I know, fix it up Lady (Un)Employed.

    3) You get the Sunday night blues/depression.

    This happens to me really regularly. In fact, I have a heavy feeling of dread at around 9:00 pm Sunday, and even earlier if my week before has been really bad. In fact, Monday through Thursday, I pretty much wake up each morning with a sick dread feeling.  While I know every job has its problems, I want to wake up in the morning without that feeling. Which may or may not have something do with problem # 2  I mentioned before.

    But if you feel dread when you go in, each day every day you have to work, you may have a problem on your hands.

    4) You start taking away personal items.

    Okay, I haven’t done this at my present job (yet), but I have been at a job before, where things were going really, really badly and I started to prepare myself by taking home some of my personal items. Well, if that sounds like what you’ve done, you may try to leave a personal photograph or two, otherwise you’re telling your boss that you don’t plan on staying long.

    5) You’ve added (a lot) new LinkedIn contacts.

    Okay, in my defense, I’ve only added new LinkedIn contacts because I’m trying to help my brother (and my mom actually) find work. I figure if I can get a job lead or two via a direct contact, I’d send it their way. But if you happen to be connected to a coworker (like I am), be careful about who (and how many) you connect to, because you may be telling them, you are getting ready to leave.

    Although, I will admit that I reason this all out by telling myself that the coworker I’m connected to, never seems to show recent activity on LinkedIn anyways.

    So, if you are unhappy at your job and you’ve already taken steps to try and get out of that job, make sure you cover your ass, because that last thing you want is to get fired before you can quit.

    Have you ever given signals that you want to leave your job? What were they? 

  9. Is It Bad Management Or An Employee With Low Tolerance?

    March 6, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    I’ll always leave room for the fact that I might just be wrong (hey, quit laughing, I’m being serious). But I do believe that perception is reality. If you believe that I’ve hurt your feelings, that means that your perception is reality. I may not have intended to, but you feel that way and that is what matters. Yet, isn’t that where we go wrong as a society? Especially at work.

    45 minutes before I was set to go home, a “supervisor” that has barely spoken more than a sentence directly to me since the day I interviewed (I’m not exaggerating; this supervisor never really speaks to me during the day) asked to speak with me.

    We went into a conference room and she asked how things were going.

    As a background, yesterday I received an email from my difficult coworker about new addition to my job duties. This bothered because of the background her and I have. She has an intolerance to mistakes and while none of my coworkers may admit it – she also has desired for a long time to be a supervisor of the entry level people.  Which is awful because of how bad she would be at it. My opinion, of course.


    So, when I received this email from my difficult coworker, I promptly notified the “nice girl” in the office who is supposed to be the go-between for coworker issues and requested that anything related to my job duties get emailed by her.

    Apparently this set off a shit storm of conversations between the “nice girl” and management.

    Here we are back in this meeting between me and this supervisor I never speak to.

    How are things going?

    I do explain my wariness of the email I received the other day, explaining how our history of emails have never been good.

    Then she says, “Well “the nice girl” told me you were reluctant to email “the difficult coworker” anymore.”


    This is a “taken out of context” comment. The reason I was reluctant to send emails to my difficult coworker? Her sudden warning that she would notify the entry level people of their mistakes in formatting (an unnecessary part of her job).


    I go on to explain myself.


    I don’t feel comfortable in situations where I’m having to explain myself. It begins to move out of “explaining myself” and into “begging for forgiveness.”  This is my supervisor though so I try to remain as agreeable as I can without getting my back dirty from all the feet walking over me.

    Long story short – I begin to feel like I’m turning into the “difficult coworker.” I’m turning into the person with low tolerance who berates people unnecessarily. The real difficult coworker who I feel like an unwelcome f*ck up around is suddenly the wounded party. Since I have developed an intolerance to her rudeness, I am now the difficult one.

    I will always leave room the fact that I am wrong in this situation. But what I took from this meeting is that I would be better off keeping my mouth shut. If I get a nasty email, I will have to accept it.

    Have you ever been in a situation where you start out feeling like the victim and turn into feeling like the one at fault?

  10. Finally Settled (Sort of) At Work – 6 Months Later

    February 15, 2013 by Lady Unemployed


    There should be a form you sign when you start any job that it will suck for 6 months. Like, really suck. And by signing this form, you acknowledge that yes, you are aware of the suck factor of the job. After 6 months, if the suck factor is still significantly high, than you have every right to leave ASAP.

    I will confess that the suck factor has gone down at my job. I’m getting more job duties and while I still sneer at the thought of working overtime for these people, I am in a better place at this job. I am still licking my wounds from the rough start I had at this place. I feel burned and I’m not sure I will ever feel differently.

    But it isn’t as awful as it used to be. I’m learning, getting better, and it’s being acknowledged by my colleagues (sort of; acknowledged here means I’m not getting emails that criticize me and threaten to banish me from showing my face there again).

    There are a few areas that bug me…irk me, so to speak. First, I rarely ever hear from my boss. I mean, literally, she almost never speaks to me (emails don’t count) Or anyone really. This bothers me. A lot. I’ve never had a boss that spoke to me so little. Second, there are way too many meetings. It is such a time waster. This past week, I will have spent about two hours in meetings. Three hours the week before. Three hours the week before that.

    Will I stay there? Will they send emails professing how amazing I am because I’ve managed to last there twelve years? Ha. I doubt it.

    I’m fairly certain I’ll start looking in a year…but today wasn’t bad, and for that I am grateful.

    Happy Friday everyone!