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  1. Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease? Or Are You Being Ignored for a Reason?

    December 5, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Whether it’s a job, a love interest, or any opportunity of some kind, we want to have it and we want it now. And I know I’ve always heard the philosphy, “Squeaky wheel gets the grease.” This is usually the motto I go by when I’m pursuing something (or someone).

    But there comes a point where the wheel starts to squeak just too damn much and it becomes easier to replace the whole thing and get rid of it.

    While I’ve already learned the hard way with the opposite sex that it isn’t always good to be so aggressive, I’m beginning to wonder if the same policy can apply to work scenarios.
    At least, that’s what I’ve wondered lately.

    You see, when I first started my new job in August, I was told that I would be learning additional job duties that would put me into a higher career path. But so far since starting, I have only done data entry. Not exactly the bill of goods I thought I was being sold.
    I followed my own philosphy though and I have regularly asked my supervisor about the training opportunities and expressed my enthusiasm. Yet, today it hit me – am I being ignored for a reason?

    Really, I can’t help, but wonder this. I only hear remarks along the lines of, “We need to get the other new people settled first,” or “I’m communicating with so-and-so about the training this week and I’ll let you know.” I keep getting the brush off and this gives me pause.

    It’s never good to be a passive individual and it’s always good to show and express interest, but just like I’ve learned with guys, if you are the only one sending out signals of interest, is it time to prepare yourself for rejection?

    What do you think? Is the philosphy, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” only good up to a point?

  2. No Trust Plus No Respect Means Unhappy Employees

    September 28, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    JJ's Melt Nana's Heart and Pick Me Up Face

    Over the last few weeks, my present job got worse. Much worse. Remember my moment of speaking up? Well, it turned out to be an greater bad idea.

    Right after all of this happened, and I let the flames die down of the awful written attacks I got from my coworker, it didn’t really ever ease up. Over the past few weeks, I have suddenly been required to send an “end of day” report that lists out the details of the work I’ve done all day. Each day. Every day. To the coworker I didn’t like (and I checked with my manager, she approved it).

    You know what this means?

    Each morning I stress over whether or not I will receive a lecture from her about a mistake of mine she found. And she has done just that nearly everyday.

    I can’t work in an environment where not only do I not like the work, but I also do not like who I’m working around and I’m not receiving respect. Plus, I have to list out what I do each day, which I have never had to do in any previous position!

    So, yes, I’m unhappy at this job.

    But between you, me and the blogosphere…there is hope around the corner…but I’ll save that post for another day.


  3. Work Parties and Why Wine Is A Bad Idea

    August 28, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Wine on the Porch

    So far I have no funny stories about drunk coworkers (yet), but I was at a birthday party for a coworker and wine was served. Everyone acted normal, of course, but it reminded me of a Christmas party I was at last year where alcohol was served.

    Boy do some people really know how to put it away.

    The last Christmas party I was at that included liquor – one female coworker put away 3 glasses of wine within two hours (and it’s about 4 in the afternoon by the way). And she confessed to only one small glass to a coworker who didn’t go to the party that next morning.

    Then, two male coworkers at the same party put away about four or five beers each. Then took home a six pack.

    And you know? Parties at work are fun. But I mean, who wants to drink that much at work? I think it’s a dangerous path, because I don’t know about you, but I get very opinionated after a glass of wine and the last thing I want is for my candid opinions to come flying out at work. Very bad idea.

    Not to mention the crude comments that happened at my latest wine-included work party. Something about a yoga exercise ball was involved.


    Just a note to remember…wine and work parties really don’t mix.

    …Kind of like wine and hot dogs.

    A little sickening and ultimately headed for disaster.

  4. Catsup Is A Stupid Word

    August 25, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Catsup @ Collinsville

    It’s late on a Friday night and I’m reading the newspaper comics. I noticed one comic used the word “catsup.” Oh, come on. Catsup? It’s ketchup people. And if you are using the word catsup, do you have to pronounce the “s”?

    I thought I would update you on how it’s been going on my second week at my new job.

    B. O. R. I. N. G.

    I spend all day doing data entry.

    Yes, data entry.

    This is beyond troubling. I had no clue it would be like this and I’m not sure what to do. In fact, I actually miss customer service.

    Things would be a tad better if I had people to talk to, but I sit by the quiet people who wear headphones all day. What the hell is that???

    And the only other person near me that I can talk to swears and sounds angry all the time. So, I’m not sure I want to even get near conversing with this person.

    On an entirely different note, I’m making pizza right now that smells like hot dogs. Is that as gross as I think it sounds?

  5. I Am The Most Restless Woman On The Planet

    August 21, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    You know I was watching Seinfeld the other day, and it was the episode where George was trying to avoid his latest girlfriend so she wouldn’t break up with him, and I was thinking…I really like the idea of having a song for my voicemail.

    George had the Greatest American Hero song “Walking on Air” song…maybe I should have Someone Like You by Adele for my voice message. It’s the latest song that I’m obsessed about and I think it would be perfect.

    Here it goes…

    Never mind I’ll call someone like you…
    I wish you would leave a message for me too….
    Don’t forget me…
    I beg…
    I’ll call you back
    Sometimes you get voicemail or I pick up instead…
    Sometimes you get voicemail or I pick up inste-ad.

    Sounds pretty good, huh?

    Oh, and I’m extremely bored and restless already at my job, but didn’t really want to say because I promised I wouldn’t talk about it, so this is me not talking about it.

    Aaaaand back to the regularly scheduled programming!

  6. New Appreciation for My Job – Post Unemployment Life

    August 17, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Bus Stop, Witney

    I am proud to say that I’m typing this post after my first completed week at work!

    It’s been a fantastic feeling having a regular schedule again. And knowing that I never have to deal with the unemployment department again (I hope) is another level of fantastic..ness.

    Not to mention having a pay check.

    I do have to say… if I had to articulate the “why” part of my period of unemployment, I would say that it was necessary for me to really appreciate having a job. I’m not sure I need five months of job searching agony to understand that, but the point has been severely well taken.


    I mark this post as my official turn signal into the road of blogging about employment. So as to avoid getting in serious trouble, I probably will not be talking about my job much and what I do.

    Instead, get ready for a lot of posts about pre and post working life, my daily bus commute, downtown characters, and anything else in between.

    Let the adventure begin!

    Now…where’s that bus?

  7. It’s Official! I Am Lady EMPLOYED!

    August 7, 2012 by Lady Unemployed


    Pour the champagne everyone, it’s official!

    I received a call over the weekend and the company I interviewed with last week offered me the job!

    I’m so happy and excited!!!!

    If you have noticed my absence from the general internet world it’s because my computer died. I thought the timing was perfect. My six year old computer lasted long enough to get me a job. So I am looking forward to my first paycheck when I can save up to buy my computer. God, it’s
    wonderful to say that.


    Well, Dr. Phil never called, but that’s okay. I like doing things myself anyways!

    So I guess that brings me to my next question…

    What happens to

    I plan on keeping it, of course! But maybe I’ll just change the subject from my adventures of unemployment to my adventures of employment.

    Anyways, I will also still love for you to share your unemployment story with me. That offer still stands.

    Thank you for being on this journey with me and for showing your support!

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  8. I May Be Lady EMployed After All!

    July 31, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Happy 042I’m totally happy! Just like this![/caption]

    I have some pretty exciting news!

    In case you didn’t hear, I had an interview last Wednesday. The interview went great and actually went better than any interview I’ve had so far. It’s for a fantastic job that I can’t believe I might get (entry level marketing…EXACTLY what I’ve been hoping for).

    And guess what??

    I received an email from them yesterday asking for my references!! I’m so excited!!

    So we’ll see where this goes. I’m pretty sure it’s in the bag unless one of my references says something really awful. Here’s hoping THAT won’t happen.

    On another note I received another blog award! It’s from the blog Big A little a and it’s called the Sunshine Award! I am so excited! Happiness all around everyone!

    Here are the rules:

    1) Include this award logo in either your acceptance post or somewhere in your acceptance. CHECK

    2) Answer 10 questions about yourself. CHECK:

    1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

    Probably somewhere along the coast. If I could, by the beach. I don’t care if it’s a big or small town. If I am by the ocean, I’m a happy girl.

    2.) If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?

    Ummm, see above.

    3.) What’s your favorite part of blogging?

    Being able to share my experiences and read about the experiences of others. It is BEYOND rewarding.

    4.) Coffee or hot chocolate?

    Coffee!!! Love it day or night.

    5.) What kind of coffee do you drink? What do you put in it?

    I love dark roast coffee and I always add cream and sugar.

    6.) What do you do to relax?

    Relax? Huh? What’s that? Hee Hee, kidding, sort of! Heh heh. Watching television helps me wind down.

    7.) How do you keep calm in a very stressful situation?

    Talking it through with people close to me! I’ve also been known to talk the ear off of the Baristas at Starbucks.

    8.) Beautiful skies or clear skies with stars?

    Clear skies with stars – it’s cooler at night! And I’m a night owl, so that works for me.

    9.) Dogs, cats or fish?

    I love dogs! I don’t own one but I would love to one day. I just don’t get the appeal of fish as pets.

    10.) Be honest, which last name do you like more, maiden or married?

    Since I’m single, I find this question a tad cruel. Ha ha…but I don’t like my (real life) last name, so unless my future husband has a last name that rhymes with anything in the genital area or a name that reminds me of a bodily function, I’m certain I’ll like his better.

    3) Pass the award onto 10-12 deserving bloggers.

    Okay I’m doing the cop out response to this and rewarding my sunshine award to everyone who stops by my blog! Because all my readers give me sunshine and all of you deserve some love today!

    4) Add a link on your post to all the talented winners and comment on their page to let them know they’ve deemed amazing.


    5Thank the brilliant soul that recognized your talent and bestowed this wonderful award on you…and of course link back to them as well!

    Check and check!

    What a great week so far!!

    I will be sure to let you know how everything plays out with this hopeful new job!

  9. Unemployment and Feeling Like I’m Doing My Best

    July 19, 2012 by Lady Unemployed


    Apparently hope is that way. So, that’s where I’m going.

    Overall this has not been an easy week. I had several ups and downs and two days in a row so  far I ended up in tears, I snapped at family members, and remained too long in my “Eoyore” mood.

    But instead of writing about all of that, I decided to write about something positive for once (I know, weird huh?).

    Today,  I feel like I have truly done my best (hush to the person in the back that is about to say otherwise).

    I’ll say it again: I have done my best today to find a job.

    Now, someone can say that unless I am applying to every job I see, even if includes licking the floor clean, it obviously isn’t enough, but today I am standing up to say otherwise.

    did do my best today. Some days I feel otherwise. But today? I do feel pretty good.

    Here’s why:

    1) I looked for (and applied to) any job I was qualified for.

    I am not the type to just look for jobs that would give me a high paying salary. I am looking at all possibilities. And today, I did just that. And you know what? That isn’t any different on the other days I’m looking for a job. I’m  not being picky.

     2) Networking, networking, networking.

    I followed up on my networking people and reached out to some new people. I even followed up on an offer for job search help from someone I’m following on Twitter.

    3) Placement Agencies

    I also contacted the placement agency I spoke with a few weeks ago again. I resent my resume and I waiting to find out about job leads.

    …..still waiting. Yup, still……..waiting. Oh, right, the blog post.

    4) Reached out to talk shows.

    Alright you may think I’m kidding about this one, but didn’t I say I was trying anything? I am literally trying anything. And I did just that. I submitted a video to Dr. Phil about helping me find a job. Don’t think I’m kidding about that one, either.

    And if I end up on television, you guys will be the first to know.

    5) Um…not sure about number five.

    Okay I didn’t want to end this with a four, because no one makes a list with just four points. But aside from following through with my temptation to leave my resume in Barnes and Noble (I’m close though), and holding a sign board as I walk through the mall asking, “Are you hiring?” I am doing everything I can.

    And if I can say that statement every day and mean it, than I am feeling pretty damn good about myself.

  10. Maybe I Can Pull a “George” and Just Show Up

    July 6, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    So I’ve made a decision. And if you are a Seinfeld fanatic like me, then you probably know what this video means and what my post title means as well.

    I think I might just…show up. For that job I interviewed with Monday, I haven’t heard back yet. So maybe next week I’ll just show up. What could go wrong?

    I know, I know, public humiliation, but hey…you never know until you try!

    On an entirely different note, I also received fun news from the blogging world – Jen over at the blog Whyyy Jen gave me my first blog award! Yay!!! How cool is that?

    My First Award!


    Nomination Rules:
    1. Post the award image to your blog. (Check)
    2. Link the person who awarded you. (Check)
    3. Post 7 random things about you. (Okay so here’s the fun part)

     7 Random Things

    1. I’m left handed.

    2. I’m a notoriously messy person.

    3. I still hope to write for a living one day.

    4. I’ve only received a C grade from a class when I was in the 10th grade. Subject: World History, Third Quarter.

    5. I hate going to amusement parks with people who won’t get on the scary rides. If you are one of these people and go with me to an amusement park without telling me you don’t like the scary rides, there is a high possibility that I will ditch you to go on those rides.

    6. I don’t like anything coconut flavored. Except for jelly beans.

    7. My favorite ring tone on my phone is “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne.

    4. Nominate other 8 relatively new blogs. (Woo! Second fun part!)

    Life Almost Factual

    Frankie and Motz

    31 Million Seconds

    Lady J Wanderlust

    An Elegant Touch

    Science is Soo Sexy

    Moonbows Resume Adventure

    Common Place Crazy

    Well, that was fun!

    Have a great weekend everyone!