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  1. I Really Hate When People Go Poop at Work

    March 26, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    First, let’s set the scenario.

    At my job they only have single toilet bathrooms. You know, it’s the type of bathroom where you walk in and you close and lock the door behind you and you have the toilet and sink and all the other bathroom stuff. So, it’s sort of like at home ­ you don’t have any nearby stalls around you and it’s more like a large closet­sized bathroom space.

    Also, I’m on the top floor (the third floor) of my building and there is only one other women’s only bathroom in the whole building, then one unisex bathroom, and two men’s bathrooms. This is for a company of about 100 people (yes, this also means you have to time your bathroom trips very carefully and don’t wait until you have to go really bad).

    Okay, I also want to mention there isn’t any vent in this bathroom. Just a tiny little air freshener on a timer.

    So I walk into work and go through my usual routine of putting my lunch away, getting coffee, and going for a quick trip to the bathroom before settling into my desk.

    And this morning, I walked into the bathroom and you know what?

    It was warm and smelled like a fresh poop (why is it always warm and smells like poop? You rarely get cold air and poop smell at the same time).

    I know I’m supposed to be a mature adult about this and silently not recognize the waft of poop smell, but I can’t help it. And seriously people, there should be a rule about this at work.

    If there is already a small selection of toilets in an office building, please save the bowell movement for another time. In fact, there’s a rinky dink bookstore around the corner that has a bathroom, so polute THOSE toilets.

    Also, I really hate coming out of that bathroom and hoping someone doesn’t blame ME for it (as I blamed the woman who came out when I headed into the bathroom).

    So this is my public service announcement, everyone:


  2. More Hiring, Less Work ­ Does That Make Sense?

    March 21, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    Lately at work there has been quite a lot of hiring done!

    Usually when it comes to hiring more people, it’s directly related to there being a lot of work to do.
    Let me tell you this that I could easily leave my job at four o’clock instead of six if I could leave based on when my work was done.

    So why are they hiring new people?

    In all honesty? I have no idea. The management didn’t even speak to the entry level people to find out if they need help and after speaking with a few of my coworkers, no one knows why this was done.

    On another note, I’m getting a lot done when it comes to writing and blogging these days. You gotta love a job with downtime, I guess.

  3. What Your Office Plant Can Teach You About Work

    January 21, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    Aren’t we all just rats in cages at work?

    You know the one, it’s the plant you buy with every intention of seeing it grow and bring life back to office life. If you pay close attention, that office plant sitting in the corner over there can tell you a lot about work.

    1) You will not thrive in an unhealthy work environment.

    If you’ve ever ignored your plant for a while, it won’t be long before the plant starts to die. Well, when you are in an unhealthy work environment, there will be a part of you that is impacted just a little bit as each day goes on. Maybe it’s your energy level, maybe it’s your creative spirit, maybe it’s your desire to go out and try new things and meet new people.

    Toxic environments are unhealthy. The plant proves it.

    2) Being ignored will not help you grow.

    Ignore a plant for a while and it will indeed die. While humans are more self-sufficient creatures for the most part, I notice that being ignored at work does help you grow into the work environment. Also, some jobs just don’t encourage that type of closeness at work and they should.

    3) There’s only so much you can do under fluorescent lamps.

    I did have a plant at my desk, but I had to move it. I had to move it to the window where there was a natural light coming in. I know, it’s just a plant. But this tells me that there is only so much we can do under the faux office lighting. Maybe we all just need a window to remind us there is more to life than the cubicle walls that surround us.

    I think we all need to make like the plants and find a park, a forest, a stream, a garden – and get the hell out of here.

  4. Is the Workplace Becoming a Hostile Environment?

    January 8, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    This week my mom started her new job. It was a relief at first especially considering unemployment benefits had come to an end for her, but her first few days at work have been hard. She’s been criticized and at day three, they are expecting her to have the same speed as the people who have been there for years. It isn’t fair at all.

    Yet all of this feels so familiar, doesn’t it? Not so long ago, I was having these same issues. It’s like the same cast of characters that appeared at my job – has appeared at hers. You have the nonexistant boss, the bully coworker, and the passive go-between.

    It makes me wonder something – is the workplace in general becoming hostile? Should we all be expecting a critical unsupportive environment when we walk into work? How do you handle these types of environments?

  5. Do You Enjoy Seeing Coworkers Get In Trouble?

    November 11, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    Should trouble be fun for anyone?

    So, last week I witnessed a coworker get in trouble who subsequently saw me get in trouble later on in the week.

    Neither one of us had much sympathy for the other and I witnessed him smirking at me while I got in trouble. And I’d be lying if I said I felt bad he was in trouble.

    Is this a sign of a toxic work environment? Bad coworker relations?

    I haven’t been in a lot of situations where people took pleasure in each other’s difficulties at work (usually if you have a friend in the trenches, it helps make the day go by). But this is the first job I’ve had, really, where coworkers actively back bite, throw each other under the bus, and take pleasure when the other is on the shit end of the stick with their boss.

    I decided to look up signs your workplace is toxic and a good many of the signs I found on this AOL article matched my company.

    How do you survive the toxic workplace?

  6. What, No Bagels? (And Cutting Back on Costs)

    October 27, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    Bagels &

    My company holds weekly meetings to go over account reviews and other updates. It’s usually boring and I daydream throughout the entire hour.

    And yet, this past week I noticed something missing in the meeting room.


    Bagels were a regular part of the meetings and something that probably sweetened the pot a little bit for many of my coworkers. I never indulged too much so their absence didn’t affect me so bad.

    I asked and someone said, “Oh they’re cutting them out. Trying to cut back on costs.”

    Hmm. Really? No meeting bagels really makes that much of a difference?

    This leaves me wondering – what will be next? No coffee?

  7. You Don’t Always Experience the Same Work Environment

    October 8, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    When I first started the job I had now, I sat next to someone who wore headphones while she worked and made no effort to speak to me. Not to mention, the people in my department made no effort to speak to me or make conversation when I first started and they were situated on the other side of the room. I didn’t feel welcome and not too long after I started was I criticized and hammered about my mistakes. I can tell you I’m not the only one who felt this way because a guy who started a couple of months after me experienced the very same welcoming – ignoring and awful mean criticism about his mistakes.

    One year later, I’m still at this job and I’ve been able to make it work. And the funny thing is, we have a new person starting and I can see already she is experiencing a very different work environment. Already it’s her second day and she’s comfortable going up to people and showing off photos on her phone and waltzing into offices of managers and having a conversation around them. People are coming to her desk and have taken her out to lunch.

    I know a lot of how I was welcomed is partially diferences in personality. I wouldn’t have felt all that comfortable just going up to people’s desks and chatting, especially if I was new. But I can’t help but be bothered a little bit, because I wish I had experienced this type of atmosphere and welcoming.

    It makes me realize that we tend to experience different work environments. But just like an itch that won’t go away, I wonder if this new person will eventually experience what I have experienced.

    Maybe not. I do wonder how two people can experience so very different work atmospheres.

  8. Do You Work For the Chronic Malcontent

    July 31, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    The funny thing is I didn’t make up this word out of the clear blue sky. My mom has just finished the book “The Sociopath Next Door,” by Martha Stout, PhD and she shared that word with me. When she did, I realized I work for a “chronic malcontent.”

    In layman’s terms, it means just what you think it means: someone who constantly spreads their negativity around, complains too much, and never is satisfied.

    Lately I have been helping a senior person in my department more and more. Well, until recently that is. Up until a few weeks ago, it seemed to go okay. Then, I made a mistake. And since then, this person picks at the tiniest details and never responds to me pleasantly. All because of a small mistake. And this isn’t just my perception, I have made worse mistakes there and she never reacted like this.

    This person is notorious at my job. I’ve been told it has been two years since they have had someone assist them. The person who helped her before me told me this lady I’m helping is highly intolerant for mistakes and is very difficult to work for (and around). What makes it difficult is that she works from home, refuses to call me and has now required I redo training that I had done months ago.

    Now, I’m in a quandary because I not only have had job duties taken away from me that I once had before, I have also been told to hold off how much I communicate to this person (to stave off their ever growing, never dying temper).

    I’m at a crossroads at my job. My role has become lateral and there is no foreseeable growth in my career at this job, not for another year, at least.

    In many situations I would speak up. Here’s the thing, though…

    …I don’t like my job. I don’t like who I work for, I don’t like what I do, and I don’t have much respect for the company. Not to mention, I have found time and time again that my supervisor has not been supportive of these type of issues and often refers me to ask a coworker for help who I find to be spineless and only offers suggestions on how I can avoid conflict not handle it directly.

    At this point, no matter what I do for this person (as I’ve been struggling to walk this very fine line to please her) that she refuses to be pleased with my work. The tragic thing is that she has much more seniority than me and push come to shove, my job would be on the line way before hers.

    So, how do you handle working around the chronic malcontent?


  9. I’m Beginning to Feel Like Milton from Office Space

    July 4, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    Just give me a red stapler and move my desk to the basement.

    I’m being ignored at work.. Really, really ignored. They moved my desk and I’m sitting near two managers and near two people who aren’t in my department.  As for the rest of the people in my department, they are on the other side of the room. What is so tormenting is that there are conversations going on around me, but I’m not included. I know, I know, I could make an effort to talk to my coworkers and I try, but there is only so many times where I start feeling very stupid for trying to connect with them.

    I have never experienced this type of isolation at work before. In honor of this new founded isolation, I kept track of the sentences I spoke at work yesterday.

    Ladies and gentleman, this is what I spoke out loud at work on July 3rd:


    “Oh, I’ll switch places with you.”


    “Do we still have that meeting today?”

    “Yup, just dealing with paperwork over here.”

    Fascinating, isn’t it?

  10. Protected: I Don’t Like Insult Humor at Work

    May 3, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

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