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Desk Moving and New People

October 7, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

Moving day

So, a couple of things going on lately – first of all, I’m under constant battle to keep the desk I’m sitting in. First, I love the location. I’m at a corner and I don’t have to worry about a lot of foot traffic behind me. I also have a big desk too, so I have more places to put my stuff.

Lately, they’ve been desk moving and bumping people from desk to desk, and I am happy to announce I survived the desk moving! Yay!

Anyone else not getting this government shutdown by the way?

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  1. catryn2013 says:

    BBC News. Uk has a pretty good explanation of the government shutdown. Basically, the legislative branch refused to pass a bill with the budget because they wanted to delay the Affordable Care Act. They not only failed to do so, but basically, the federal government has no approved budget in order to pay the staff members affected by the shutdown.

    And what’s wrong with your company’s entry level position :S If it helps, I have seen graduate students start off as admin assistants. It scares me because I have been looking for work for ten months with only a bachelors degree. Anywhooooo.

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