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Do You Enjoy Seeing Coworkers Get In Trouble?

November 11, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

Should trouble be fun for anyone?

So, last week I witnessed a coworker get in trouble who subsequently saw me get in trouble later on in the week.

Neither one of us had much sympathy for the other and I witnessed him smirking at me while I got in trouble. And I’d be lying if I said I felt bad he was in trouble.

Is this a sign of a toxic work environment? Bad coworker relations?

I haven’t been in a lot of situations where people took pleasure in each other’s difficulties at work (usually if you have a friend in the trenches, it helps make the day go by). But this is the first job I’ve had, really, where coworkers actively back bite, throw each other under the bus, and take pleasure when the other is on the shit end of the stick with their boss.

I decided to look up signs your workplace is toxic and a good many of the signs I found on this AOL article matched my company.

How do you survive the toxic workplace?


  1. Vinny C says:

    The last workplace I was in was toxic. It started right at the top with the owner and spilled over onto everyone else there. How I handled it was that I left. First chance I got I was out of there.

  2. Jess says:

    “Is this a sign of a toxic work environment? Bad coworker relations?”

    Yes. Yes it is. Get out. Get the fuck out as fast as you can. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work and nobody should have to sit in a stinking cess pool of their coworkers’ shit. I like to tell my toxic coworkers that if I don’t allow my family and friends to treat me badly, no way am I allowing a stranger to treat me badly.

  3. My tip? – keep repeating the mantra: “I’m here to make MONEY not friends”. Ironically, I’m unemployed. Good luck lady(un)employed.

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