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Does The Unemployment Department Scare The Hell Out of Anyone Else?

June 21, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

So today I spent an hour (!!) on the phone with the unemployment department to straighten out an issue that came up after I reported earnings I received for a sponsored blog post (not on this on; on another blog I have under my real name).


Seriously the unemployment department scares the hell out of me.

This whole situation reminded me of the time in 4th grade when I didn’t want the Principal’s daughter to play with me and my friends. What a HUGE deal that became!

This situation was similar.

I expected the FBI and CIA to come after me or something.

It got straightened out, except for a weird moment when they asked if I worked for a company I’ve never heard of before. That scares me.

So, now I’m a little worried about follow up letters from them about this mysterious company. And now I have a creepy feeling someone is watching me. You know that big brother’s watching deal?


I’m feeling that.

Aside from all of that, I have an interview this Monday! I am so excited about this! This is the job I really want. Like, really.


  1. kathleen says:

    Goo luck with the interview. The UC offices are crazy. Seems they always have one piece of “off the wall” info!

  2. I think it’s just homeland security that picked up on some of your tags. Must be code, but for what?

    Good luck with the interview.

  3. Emily says:

    Our unemployment office here isn’t too bad. Just being unemployed when you want or need to work kind of sucks. The office itself is pretty sterile, but the peopel tend to be nice. Granted haven’t been in there for many years.

    • That’s nice. And it isn’t that the unemployment department is all that bad, but any figure of authority that determines whether or not I get money that week scares me just a tad. 🙂

  4. Indi says:

    That is scary!! I am glad I don’t have my real name under my blog! Although I guess if somebody REALLY wanted to know who I was it wouldn’t be too hard. They could simply look through my 30 something followers on Twitter and find the picture that matches the ones on my site…. oops. I guess I just told you how to find me. haha.

  5. […] was shocked! I was on the phone less than a half hour (much better than the last time).  And the overall experience was pleasant. I’m actually not in fear […]

  6. Dev says:

    I agree with nissomoo6. Long term unemlpoyment could bring on a lot of stress and pressure. We must remember pressure bursts pipes all day long so you can imagine what it does to people. It is going to take a whole lot talking and not screaming at each other. It is so easy to allow outside influences to dictate our behavior. We have to make a conscious decision daily that we are not going to succumb to the outside pressures. It is not going to happen automatically but the more it is done the easier it becomes. My pastor made a statement yesterday that is so befitting this topic. Prayer not only changes people and things it can changes the way you react to things that do not change.Also, it may be the time for us to step out on faith and start that business you may have been thinking about for a while.Now, as I end ..back to the stress and pressure .Intimacy can be a great way to relieve and release them both!!!!!!

    • Definitely! I have been thinking (and praying) a lot for guidance on which direction I should go with my life, especially since the current one doesn’t seem to be working. I journal a lot more lately too, in order to relieve my stress. This has definitely helped me a lot! And thank God for my family because they really have helped me through this!

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