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Finally Settled (Sort of) At Work – 6 Months Later

February 15, 2013 by Lady Unemployed


There should be a form you sign when you start any job that it will suck for 6 months. Like, really suck. And by signing this form, you acknowledge that yes, you are aware of the suck factor of the job. After 6 months, if the suck factor is still significantly high, than you have every right to leave ASAP.

I will confess that the suck factor has gone down at my job. I’m getting more job duties and while I still sneer at the thought of working overtime for these people, I am in a better place at this job. I am still licking my wounds from the rough start I had at this place. I feel burned and I’m not sure I will ever¬†feel differently.

But it isn’t as awful as it used to be. I’m learning, getting better, and it’s being acknowledged by my colleagues (sort of; acknowledged here means I’m not getting emails that criticize me and threaten to¬†banish me from showing my face there again).

There are a few areas that bug me…irk me, so to speak. First, I rarely ever hear from my boss. I mean, literally, she almost never speaks to me (emails don’t count) Or anyone really. This bothers me. A lot. I’ve never had a boss that spoke to me so little. Second, there are way too many meetings. It is such a time waster. This past week, I will have spent about two hours in meetings. Three hours the week before. Three hours the week before that.

Will I stay there? Will they send emails professing how amazing I am because I’ve managed to last there twelve years? Ha. I doubt it.

I’m fairly certain I’ll start looking in a year…but today wasn’t bad, and for that I am grateful.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Vinny C says:

    I actually just started working again and I am mostly left up to my own devices with unlimited internet and (for now anyway) minimal work. No coffee or cupcakes, sadly, but I bring my own stuff in.

    But I’m not going to stick around long. Free time aside, this place has problems on a whole other level that can’t be ignored.

  2. Jess says:

    You only spent 3 hours in meetings? That’s awesome! I can easily spend 25 – 35 hrs/wk in meetings. And they wonder why all the overtime.

    I’ve always said that it takes 1 month to get past the information overload of a new job, 6 months to become proficient and 1 year to become an expert.

    • Ugh, and I am so restless at this job. It’s Monday night, from a day off, and I’m just dreading DREADING tomorrow. I wish I had a job where I felt so excited for going in! Think that’s possible?

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