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Getting Ahead At Work – Kind of Like Merging Into Bad Traffic

December 6, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

You know that moment when you are trying to merge onto a major thoroughfare and it is really, really bad traffic? And it’s almost impossible to get in between any of the cars and they are just backed up together, refusing to let you in or ahead?

Work is a little like that. You have to really fight to merge into the lane of success (corny metaphor, I know, but it was calling for that).

I realized that today when my difficult coworker (her nick name is a work in progress) – stayed home for the third day in a row.

To give you some background, usually she sends out an email every morning with an update of what me and the other data entry paper pushers should get done or any reminders.

Well that didn’t get sent today, because Miss Difficult didn’t work from home today as she had been doing the other two days.

And guess who took advantage?
You guessed it!

Right after I realized this, I sent out my own email to my fellow data peeps and distributed Miss Difficult’s usually daily data entry work to the three of us. I let Miss Difficult and this other semi- supervisor that I did this and guess what I was told by the semi-supervisor:

“Wow, Lady Employed, thank you for taking the lead on that.”

Music to my ears.

This is the first time since being at this job that I found a way to get ahead and take charge. This just doesn’t happen often enough for me. And today I realized that getting ahead is a lot like merging into bad traffic. The nice people just can’t get in edge wise and if you are overly polite and worry about other people getting mad, you are never going to get in. Instead, you have to edge yourself into the highway and shove yourself in. The same thing applies at work and it’s the only way you can get ahead at work.

Find those opportunities where there is a weakness – and address it/fix it/better it.

What is your advice for getting ahead at worK?


  1. Susan Cooper says:

    Great analogy and good for you. 🙂

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