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Getting Laid Off (And A Podcast You Should Check Out)

May 15, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

My most favorite part of this blog is hearing unemployment stories from people and today I got a mention from a very cool podcast called, “20 Something Roast.” It focuses a lot on careers and how to make it in the real world (or what I fondly like to call – the long semester we’ve been preparing for).

The host, Swim, not only mentions me, but also talks about his experiences with getting laid off from his sales job and exactly how it felt.

I highly recommend it because you get to actually hear him describe the feelings of losing his job and talk about the aftermath.

My favorite line is: “You are much more than what the company you work for labels you as.”


This podcast will inspire you and I am so thankful he mentioned my blog.

Check out the podcast that mentioned me here and make sure to listen to the others!


  1. Swim Karim says:

    Thank you LadyUnemployed.

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