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I love when people want to write for Lady (Un)Employed. So whether you want to share your tips on resume writing, using social networking for your job search, work and interview fashion, how to survive work politics, starting your own business, how to use office supplies to make a makeshift house, or anything else you can think of  –  I want to hear about it!

All posts will be reviewed for content prior to publication. I highly recommend sending me  the “pitch” of the post you want to write before sending it my way. Also, posts written for the sole purpose in backlinking as well as SEO firms will not be accepted. If you are interested in advertising a service or product, please visit this web page for my advertising rates.


  1. I Valdez says:

    Hello I’m BEYOND THE 26 WEEKS, I’m 42 years old and yes I’m unemployed. BEYOND THE 26 WEEKS means that you have reached the limbo of unemployment benefits and getting employed. SO IT’S WEEK BY WEEK PRAYING AND HOPING THAT A JOB WILL COME. Many interviews but of course STILL UNEMPLOYED and SCARED!

    My current jobs right now: JOB SEARCH, COOKING, JOB SEARCH, CLEANING, JOB SEARCH, PAYING THE HOUSEHOLD BILLS, etc. etc. JOB SEARCH. I wake up each morning at about 5:30 or so , and before I take my first sip of tea I grab my laptop to check e-mails. I usually fix breakfast for my family, walk my daughter to the bus stop, and check e-mails. By the end of the day, I will have checked my e-mail dozens of times, unable to quash the hope that in my inbox I will have a message from an interested recruiter, a date for an interview, or, at long last, a job offer.

    AM I angry? Yes, deep down, I am very disappointed. Yeah I could sit around being mad and frustrated and bitter and in the end, the only one that hurt is myself. I am not in the business of hurting myself. I knew finding a job would be a challenge, but not as difficult as it has been. Some mornings, I struggle to get out of bed. Some nights, I toss and turn. In between, I may get an e-mail from a recruiter, telling me I am not a good fit for a job, or worse, get no response at all about a job prospect that seemed so promising. One day at a time for the long-term unemployed.

    Oh oh listen to this; I received an email from a potential employer and of course REJECTION!!! It read: “Thank you for the information. At this time we have filled our office position, we will certainly keep your information and may be calling on you in the future. I appreciate your interest. Best regards”. I cried, I don’t know why but I did! I wished I had not received that damn email. IT HURTS DAMN IT!

    ake care be blessed with God, Love and Laughter.

  2. Laura says:

    I was happily employed for five years and had just completed my MBA when I had unexpected complications from a routine surgery that left it difficult for me to walk and left me in pain for over a year. The pain affected my sleep and, of course, my job performance when I was finally able to return to work. I was in the Human Resources field. The company was already downsizing, but instead of laying me off, they chose to fire me. As a result, I found it incredibly difficult to find another job. It took me almost two years before finding employment.

    Unfortunately it gets worse. I applied through a temporary agency, who placed me in an Administrative Assistant position. I was hoping to get back into Human Resources, but at least it was a job. Except, it wasn’t really an Administrative Assistant position. I ended up working in a 40 degree refrigerated environment with 12 hour shifts 4 days a week. The “Administrative Assistant” position at best is a Production Clerk position. I informed the temporary agency that I did not want this position and they informed me they had nothing else available, so I was stuck.

    By the time I work 12 hours standing (we are not allowed to sit down at all, except for on break) I am exhausted. However, it is a paycheck and I cannot afford to quit and not have any income so I have toughed it out. When not too exhausted I have been posting for other jobs, but with no luck.

    And it still gets worse. Occassionally my department processes a product that gives me asthma. I do not test positive for an allergy to this product, so it must be some chemical used in this type of food, or in the growing process. Even though I provided documentation from my doctor, management and HR did not take me seriously. In fact, HR told me that most people who react to this product usually quit. Also, I react to the steroid medications used to treat and prevent asthma attacks. Finally, after continued exposure and numerous abscenses, a coworker switched with me so I am working on a line that eliminates my exposure by about 75%. I haven’t missed a day in about two months.

    In the meantime I filed a request for mediation with the Department of Labor. When the company received the request things did improve. They also offered me FMLA in October going back to January. They should have offered it in January. The Department of Labor told me to post for jobs that would get me totally away from the product giving me asthma. So I did.

    The company replied to my mediation request by stating they could not offer me a promotion because of my attendance. Most positions I applied for went unanswered, but then I saw a post for a Senior Administrative Assistant that required Human Resource, training, and administrative experience. This job utilized all of my prior job experience, plus I had a degree. I made it through two interviews and received a reccommendation from one of the managers.

    They gave the job to a 21 year old who has no degree, no HR experience, and no allergic asthma reaction to the product. He was a Production Clerk (Administrative Assistant) promoted to a supervisor. He started out as a supervisor in another department and couldn’t hack it, so they brought him back to my department where he knew everyone.

    I am livid and to be honest, this is a lot worse than being unemployed and on unemployment. What is happening to our world when skills, experience and education are ignored and employers are allowed to treat their employees inhumanely?

  3. Has anyone received it yet?? whats going on? it was to my knowledge everything was approved after Jan 6?? after watching the State of the Union speech Obama said give them their money.. WHERE IS THE MONEY?? I have bills due at the first of the month!

    • I know what you mean! Rent is coming due and it just isn’t going to work in my house with only one income to pay rent and everything else. No response yet and I’ve heard that Republicans have put this on the back burner. Meanwhile, people’s well being are at stake.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I would love to write a guest post for you. I can send you a pitch and sample writing example if you’d like to preview my writing skills. Please get in touch!

  5. Morgan Asher says:

    Hello Lady Unemployed,

    I wanted to let you know about a great resource for finding plans for the Affordable Care Act. Another battle when facing unemployment is losing benefits, however, the Affordable Care Act allows for lower costs on monthly premiums based on household income.

    Many Americas are still uninformed about their best options and this resource can help individuals sort through the information. FindTheBest has collected data from and each state health exchange website to create an objective tool for picking the best Affordable Care Act Plan. Users may filter information based on desired tier, kind of plan and insurance type.

    You can see the full comparison here:

    Writing a blog post including this resource would help your readers understand other ways of navigating various options during a confusing and controversial time of health care reform. Would you be interested in sharing this resource with your readers?


    • Gina says:

      The Affordable Care Act can help you with Health Benefits and it will be affordable. But you will most likely owe at tax time just like I did. So don’t look forward to that nice check from the IRS anymore. Just an FYI. That is the part a lot of people don’t read about.

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