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“How Many Camels for Her?” (And the Guy from Turkey Who Hit On Me)

August 24, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

A couple of nights ago, I was out to dinner with my mom and we were walking through the mall afterwards. Well, at the mall they have these squishy stick balls that they’re selling. Every time I walk past, I’m dying to use them to juggle (yes, I do know how).

Finally this carnival barker sales guy calls out to us as we were walking past and my mom stops and says to me, “Do it! You’ve been wanting to try!”

So we stop and we go up to the carnival barker sales guy and I explain that I want to try to juggle with the toys they’re selling (I’ll preface this by saying I had a Long Island Iced Tea just a moment ago).

Well he gives me this big huge goofy smile and gives me three to use.

Then off I go! I actually juggled pretty good, you know, all things considered.

When I give it back to him, he’s really giddy acting and tells my mom, “She’s sweet!”

Then the same ol’ charmer statement, “Are you both sisters?”

“No, mother and daughter,” my mom says.

“She’s sweet!” he says again. “How many camels for her?” We both laugh. “I am from Turkey! How many camels for her?”

And as we parted ways, my mom replies, “1,000!”

While he wasn’t exactly my type, I was charmed by the guy from Turkey. And you know what?

I’ll never look at this commercial the same way again –


  1. Lady Bren says:

    Juggling after a LITea I’m impressed

  2. Vinny C says:

    Of all the questions that come to mind from this, the one thing I must ask is: What does he think your mother would actually use the camels for?

  3. Lovelyn says:

    1,000 camels? I think it should be at least 2,000.

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