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How Reddit Can Help During Times of Need

May 30, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

Need a job? Need food? Need a friend?

I’m an active Reddit user and I have found a surprisingly helpful (while also not-so-surprisingly rude and obnoxious people at times) community on the well known bookmark website.

Now, the biggest question – how to use Reddit during your time of need. I’ll preface this by saying that of these Reddit forums – I have requested for a few things – job search assistance and an item or two I needed and I did get leads, but no immediate results. But this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t benefit from these forums.

1) Random Kindness

The first one I ever came across is “Random Kindness.” It’s a site to request something you need or want or giveaway or offer something you don’t need or want. There are rules sent in place to avoid scammers (although they do come around on occasion).  I would certainly give this a try if there is something you do need or can’t afford (or if you just need a friend – I’ve seen many requests for postcards, birthday cards, well wishes, etc.).  Also, if there is something you can offer people  – even a pen pal or a birthday card – it will give you warm fuzzy feelings inside.

2) Ecycle

I haven’t been around this section that long, but I did just find it recently. I can tell you right now there are more requests than there are offers. I am also not that sure there are many requests that get fulfilled. But you know what? It’s worth a try.

3) Get Well

Okay this is another new one I found! I like doing nice things for people and if you want to feel good about yourself, sign up to send a few people cards. Sure, there may be a few fake stories here and there, but as long as you aren’t giving someone thousands of dollars (or any money, really), than just enjoy the kindness.

4) Off My Chest

This is a section that I have used once before and you know, it’s really helpful. The people there are respectful for the most part and it’s a fantastic place to rant and rave. Plus, it’s always humbling to read the woes and troubles of others. It reminds you that you are not the only one struggling and to be grateful for what you do have in life.

5) Assistance

Okay, this is the place to start. This site has everything you need if you are in need of something – anything. Now, the actual posts are something you may end up ignoring, but I want to direct your attention to the side bar (and don’t look at this site from a mobile device, look at it on a regular browser).  Scroll through and you will find just about everything you need.

6) Your City

If you are looking for a job, I highly recommend seeking out your city’s Reddit site and see if they have a section for jobs or something like that. My city hosts a monthly job board where people can post to and I’ve seen other cities that have an entirely separate list for jobs and whatnot. If need a roommate or need a weekend activity idea, it is a place to start.

7) Hiring

This is a general job board that you can check out for postings. These seem to be legitimate opportunities for the most part and it’s a pretty decent place to look for work.

8) Need Advice

There is something comforting about asking the anonymous internet for advice. This site is for anyone who needs advice – and hey, it’s a place for you to shell it out too.

Okay, that’s what I wanted to share with everyone! Have you ever found help on Reddit? What forum was most helpful to you?

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