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“I Don’t Believe in Sales or Marketing” (And My Thoughts on Bad Business People)

August 7, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

In my interview yesterday, I found myself walking into an office that seemed barely afloat and a man who ran the business that may be better off in a university.

How did I reach this assumption?

First, he claims he always thought sales and marketing people were shallow with their own agenda. Then he realized the need to hire these types of people.

Then I find out that up until three years ago no one had titles for their job.

He also claims to value integrity and honesty (not why I think he is a bad business person). However, while he values these things, he also dropped the offered salary significantly.

The job ad said one figure. When he talked about the job to me, he dropped it down to a low figure where, had I known this before, I wouldn’t have even considered the job in the first place.

I felt a little…duped. He didn’t offer much explanation for the drop except that I didn’t have enough experience to be offered so high a salary. Oh, I wish he would have said this before I made the trip.

He also said he had no interest in making money either. Prior to this he was a Dean of a university with a degree in theology and religion.

It seems like to me he isn’t the type of person who should own a business. And from the looks of the office and the conversation I had with him, he didn’t seem to enjoy it much either.

Not to mention, he isn’t one for conducting interviews either as I spent a lot of the interview watching him and others around me stare and smile at the ground. Lost in thought, I can only hope. I can’t even tell you a single question I was asked because I’m not sure they asked me any.

This was officially the most pointless and weirdest interview I’ve ever been on.


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