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I’m Sick of Building Character

September 13, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

So that work situation I blogged about earlier this week got worse. Much worse.

It turns out my little bout of standing up for myself turned into a mini tornado of work issues, written attacks (or what I viewed as attacks; remember perception is reality), and a laundry list of my mistakes that apparently have been tallied by my tormenting coworker.

I am proud of myself though because I kept my cool. My knee jerk reaction was to retaliate and revolt against the unnecessary disrespect. And I’m glad I didn’t do that. It would have made the situation worse. I did, however, bring management into it.

Whether or not it gets better…well I’ll find out today.

The reality is though…I don’t want to deal with this situation. I really don’t. It’s exhausting to put my energy into this.

But I’m sticking with it…I’m certain there is a lesson to be learned. It builds character.


I mean, learning lessons are good. I’m certain a few years from now I’ll be glad I stuck with it.


Anyone else get sick of building character?


  1. Lisa says:

    I unfortunately have been building character for years. Not sure if it does me any good but I’m quite the character!

  2. gina valley says:

    Never fun to develop character or to grow patience.

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