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Is This Thing On? *Tap* *Tap*

February 11, 2015 by Lady Unemployed

Yikes, I haven’t been around for a while have I?

Well, I’ll update things. First, I’m still at the same job I have always been at. I’m not getting work from the creative department although I have finally felt comfortable again asking for projects (ever since layoffs and being overworked in my own department, I just haven’t had time). Oddly enough, I had my goals meeting with supervisor yesterday and I might be getting more responsibility from her, which is good and bad. Good, because I can do something different. Bad, because I feel like I’m getting further away from transferring departments.

With that, my focus lately has been elsewhere. I’ve been working on revising short and longer short stories. My end goal this year has been to improve my revising skills. Fiction is much more important to me than copywriting.

Gasp, did I actually say it?

To be honest, my inner turmoil is happening lately because I’m not sure copywriting will fit in with my fiction writing. It’s easier for me to come home and write now that I am mostly uncreative all day. If I was copywriting and writing ads and other stuff, would it be the same? I’m not sure.

Not to mention, another large reason that I’ve neglected this blog, is the unemployment struggle going on at home. My mom and brother are still looking for work and at this point we’ve started looking into more interesting solution (volunteering in the Appalachian mountains, anyone?). Actually, I’m totally on board for something new. I would much rather volunteer a year somewhere than have an office job. I know that kind of experience would be much more soothing and inspiring to my writing.

As you can see, things are up in the air for me and that kind of feeling leaves me stuck and stumped.

How are you guys doing?

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  1. Kristen says:

    I completely understand feeling creatively tapped out and having it affect your blog. The reason I had to take a break from blogging last year was because I was doing so much copywriting that when I sat down to do a blog post I was empty. I certainly hope things start to work out for everyone, and volunteering in the Appalachians sounds like an amazing experience!

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