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Monday Work Rant – Come Gripe With Me

January 14, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

I wrote this in advance today because I wanted to make sure the post came out on time (especially since if I am having a bad day today, my head is somewhere else).

Like I said last week, Monday’a are the worst. Which means it is the best time to rant.

What’s your rant today? Did someone cut you down? Undermine your authority? Acted like you didn’t exist? Yell at you?

Anything, I want to hear it.

What is your Monday rant?


  1. Ashley F says:

    I used to hate Mondays because I have 8:30am staff meetings that I have to attend every week but it was recently pointed out to me that Tuseday is in fact the worst day of the week because when it’s Tuesday….tomorrow isn’t friday, and the day after that? Yeah, still not friday.

  2. Jess says:

    My Monday consisted of so many back to back meetings that there wasn’t time for actual work so I’ll be working all night. At least I can work from home. I predict this trend will continue every day for the next several weeks. Oh, and since I’m a contractor overtime isn’t approved and I don’t work if I can’t get paid so… I’ve decided to take the night shift so I can actually get my assigned work done. Now who wants to tell my manager?

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