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Monday Work Rant – Gripe With Me Today!

February 4, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

scream and shout

We are back again with Monday Work Rant! Remember the offer still stands – if you want to rant with me some Monday morning, make sure to let me know.

So, it’s hell on Mondays and I’m certain my day isn’t going well (I’m writing this in advance to make sure I can rant with you guys). Not to mention, I’m still struggling with a cough that I haven’t been able to shake all week.

Some news I haven’t shared yet – I will be trained on new job duties. Apparently, this involves working with someone who was the source of my difficult coworkers pain for quite some time – so much so that she lost 30 pounds because of the stress. Sure, I need to lose weight, but I’m not sure that is the healthiest weight loss plan.

Anyway, enough about me, how is your Monday going? Did someone dump their bad attitude on you? Did you get blamed for something you didn’t do? Were you the punching bag for your boss today?

Let me know, I want to hear it! We’ll rant about this crappy Monday together.


  1. Mari-Clare says:

    Well, not sure if this counts as a “rant”, but I’m a home nurse/Carer for my hubby, & this Monday was “whole day In-Clinic treatment day”. I have a herniated disc at present & last week we had the “Australia Day Floods” (yep, I’m in Australia), so all week was mud, slime, water treatment plants cut off, yada yada, stress, stress…
    So a 5.30am on the road start this Monday, with roads still closed & travelling to another city (where the Clinic is), rushed brekky, sore back, get in & nada! (NB: I was supposed to have a “respite bed” & all set up done. My hubs went into a panic spiral, I finally got some help (& a bed!), collapsed for a bit, only to have to get up & help.
    I love love love our nurses, but the one allocated to us is very prone to forgetting to return, gets sidetracked easily, etc.
    Suffice to say, I got to lie down, but haven’t slept yet (its 1.15am) & I have medications to sort & prescriptions to inventory before our next doctor visit LATER today (haha!). Oh yeah, its a city away too…
    Oh dear, sleep? I do remember it, & unfortunately for me, stress don’t shift the excess kilos, dammit!
    Many thanks for the “rant space”. Bless your stressed heart hon! 🙂

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