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My Newest Feature – Your Employment (And Unemployment) Confessions

February 16, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

I have added a feature to my blog that I hope can bring about some new interest and fascinating reads.

People seem to love confessions. All kindsĀ  – the good, the bad, the ugly. Although to be honest, you never hear about work place or job search confessions. What do we really do when we don’t think our coworkers or unemployment office isn’t looking?

Well, that’s where I come in. I want to hear about your confessions – those little (or big) wrong doings that you feel a little guilty about to this day. Big or small – I want to know. I can promise one thing – I will publish your story as anonymous as I can make it.

So…why did you make Santa’s naughty list? Read this first and then send me an email once you are ready to confess the real story.


  1. Mari-Clare says:

    My sad/fail moment: I was looking for work while finishing my Masters & between lecturing gigs at uni.
    So I applied to a “major dept chain” *ptooey, pfft, hiss*, that will remain un-named & applied to be a “Christmas Casual Worker”. No retail exp necessary, just well groomed (read: no offensive facial piercings or neck/face tatts), own teansport & “happy, bubbly personality”.
    (now I hate to toot mah own flute, jeez someone has to – but I have always been told I’m “the life of the party” type, always happy, yada, yada…)
    2 weeks later, I get the “letter”:
    Dear Sir/Madam (niiice!), we regret to inform you that you are unsuccessful. We required personnel with bright & bubbly personalities, & do not feel you fit this category.
    Good luck with your job searching…sincerely…(indecipherable)

    Always great to have a faceless entity tell you that you are “not bubbly enough”!

    Suffice to say, I did not buy any presents from them that year!

    *Guilty secret (heh heh)
    Years later, managing a large store (part of national chain), I won a ticket, all expenses paid, to the US, put up in Beverley Hills Hilton (just for being manager that day).
    I took the trip, drank as much duty-free & freebie booze as I could, had an awesome time, & resigned when I got back on home soil!
    (insert evil laughter here)

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