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My Ode to the Delayed Extension of Long-Term Unemployment Benefits

May 6, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

Is it just me or does anyone else hear crickets in terms of the extension of long-term unemployment benefits?

Nope, didn’t think it was just me.

And it seems to me, that it’s highly unlikely that extension will ever happen if it’s gone on this long.

So, here’s my ode to the delay in extending long-term unemployment benefits:


  1. With the national unemployment rate trending downward, it will be hard for politicians of any stripe to justify a “yea” vote. What’s really needed is jobs, jobs and more jobs. Tax incentives for businesses to hire the long-term unemployed. Government hiring. If only each party could play well with others.

  2. Swim Karim says:

    There is no pain…Unemployment benefits really come in handy after losing a job. After getting laid off from my job after the company I was in closed it’s door, plenty of people I worked with used Washington state unemployment benefits to get by…myself included. Cheers.

  3. rocky says:

    Unemployment extension will happen. How you say? Because it is Gods money. When he has had enough of this nonsense he will turn the tables in our favor. God is never early, but he is never late. It says in God We Trust. Not in man we trust. Amen.

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