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My Random Post [An Update from Lady Unemployed]

May 4, 2016 by Lady Unemployed

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. How have you all been? It’s been a long time since I’ve had much activity on this blog, and to be honest, I thought maybe for a while it would grow to be a place where people can talk about their work woes and their unemployment stories. This is definitely the reason I started this blog.

But why continue it? I have a feeling I’ve lost the handful of dedicated readers I did use to have – I don’t take it personally though.

I am paying for the site though and my website is coming up to be renewed. And I feel like I want to make something more of it. On the personal side of things, I’m already writing a review blog under my real name, I have a book and creative writing based blog so that takes care of my reading and writing loves. So where can I take that she hasn’t been before?

Should I discuss my work life? Not much is happening there except an onslaught of unhappy people are surrounding me and I have a gut feeling that many people are trying to get out of this place. As am I, really. But I’m not interviewing quite yet. I’m working some other things out.

Financially though, I need to get myself out of a hole (notice that previous post I wrote up? That disclaimer at the bottom? Yes, times are that hard).

We’ll see. I’ll try a few posts out and see where I can take this blog. My blog will forever be entitled and so I do need to keep that in mind.

Where are you on your journey? Any ideas for me on where I can take



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  1. sparkyjen says:

    You may want to consider writing about the many reasons WHY/HOW/WHEN/WHERE a lady might be unemployed. This might garner some interest and more importantly feedback from readers.

    You might consider talking about what a lady might do while she’s unemployed to compensate until new employment comes her way. Are there resources you used?

    You may also think about speaking on the feelings (disbelief, low self-esteem, disappointment, depression, anger, etc.) that occur when a lady loses her job. How does that effect her, family, friends, livelihood, etc.

    Just some “deep” mentions!

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