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Should We Stay at a Job that Makes us Unhappy?

January 10, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

I know that in this economy, you are lucky to have anything. That we should take anything, including taking grief at work no matter what, because few people will have sympathy for you if you just leave.

But is that the healthiest thing to do? Should we stick it out whether or not we are unhappy? Is that any way to live our lives?

This question was rolling around in my brain as I was thinking about my own situation. So much time can go by without anything changing and unhappiness setting in like a heavy weight.

I know, I know. Look for a job while you have one. But it isn’t that easy. We get complacent. We get used to routine and as miserable as we are, it feels safe and comforting knowing we haven’t rocked the boat and we have met our expectations.

What do you think? Stick it out? Take a risk and try to get out of the grind?


  1. Jess says:

    Aggressively look for a new job and get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. I speak from experience. My last boss was the Cunt of all Cunts.

    • Oh god no kidding. If I can make it a year I’d be happy. It’s just awful.

      • Jess says:

        I made it 8 very painful months. This woman sent me to the other side of the country to teach a class WITHOUT A COMPUTER. She refused to even get me a loaner laptop. And! And! I have food allergies – they are severe and many – and every Wednesday she would pile a plate high with pastries from some meeting near the lobby and come by my desk at least 3 times, wave the plate under my nose and say “Would you like one of these? Ooooh, that’s right. You can’t!” Then she’d prance off, all self satisfied and bitch like. But Karma came round and the bitch was laid off and then I called everybody I knew in every high up position and told them what she did to me. Bwwaaahahahaha!

  2. Suzie Carr says:

    I am a risk taker, so my response is to take calculated risks when it comes to life’s big decisions. Opportunities exist everywhere. Being prepared for them is paramount to living our best days. I think the wise thing for a person to do in this situation is to remain in current position until another is found. Use this time to hone in on developing new skills that can benefit yourself and your current employer. Always be in that learning mode so when opportunity does strike, you’ll be ready.

    • Very VERY true. I am trying to remind myself that it’s better to stay a year because it will look good on my resume. Jeez, it’s hard. But I won’t leave without another one, that’s fur sure!

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