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  1. My Snobbish Decline to Someone Just Trying to Be Nice

    May 16, 2016 by Lady Unemployed

    I might be overthinking this whole thing. But to give you some background, I’ve gotten very strict about being gluten-free and unless I can assess the ingredients to a food item, I’m trying to be better about declining this. Not so easy at a job that has an onslaught of treats and birthdays coming in. ¬†Also, add to this, I’m trying to stay away from artificial dyes too.

    Fun times right?

    So on my way to get fruit, I noticed the front desk person talking about a delivery for my department. Someone said, yup! This goes to this department. Being nice, I said, “Hey, I can take it!” So I did…

    I brought it upstairs, asked the people in my department if anyone knew of a gift they were expecting from this specific company. It was mostly mugs, jelly beans, and chocolate. The people in my department said no, but then some other guy from a different department says, “Oh that’s for us; we usually get gifts from this place.” So I go, “Oh! Okay! Here you go!”

    All he did was peer into the box, smile, and say, “Oh you guys can have it…” Something like that. But I instantly felt weird about it, because I realized, oh I totally took whatever was meant for them. So I go, “Oh no! I can’t eat this stuff any way, it has gluten in it!” [This was my attempt at being jokey’] A few of my coworkers from my department were saying, “Jelly beans don’t have gluten! Chocolate doesn’t have gluten!”

    Mostly, the guy wasn’t taking the box. He kept insisting we take it. I said, “No, that’s okay. [In a failing joking mode] This has red 40 in it! I don’t want it!” I know, I know. But the guy was NOT taking the box! This is like people waving each other on at a stop sign and no one going.

    So I feel like I sounded like a snobby bitch to this guy. Who probably thought, “Whoa, I was just trying to be nice!” I feel bad of course. And this will go under the category of awkwardly rude conversations on my part (like the time I told a coworker about my disliking of ranch dressing and she ended up being very offended as a result).

    Tell me about the time you were rude without intending too. Please. Quickly.