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  1. Company Christmas Bonus – The Myth

    December 22, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    I read in a few different news stories recently that Christmas bonuses are on the rise. In fact, Forbes even said that if you don’t get a Christmas bonus, well you stand alone (or at least, you stand among very few) –


    cheese, stands, aloone

    See? The cheese stands alone.


    Anyways, so when I came into work this morning, this fact I had been reading ringing in my brain, I went to my desk and saw an envelope.

    Immediately, I thought this –

    christmas bonus

    Envelope means cash, right?

    When I ripped it open, instead, I found this –


    A non cash card 


    Ladies and Gentleman…this was not a Christmas bonus. This was an empty envelope. Okay, not empty. It was more like a Christmas card from a coworker, which I thought was sweet.

    But still…

    So, a half hour later, the new guy came in…and he had an envelope too, apparently, because before he did anything else, he frantically opened his envelope. I could almost feel the disappointment in the room.

    I waited…thinking…well, maybe they are going to give it to us later in the day.

    Hours went by. And nothing. Not even a card from my employer.

    Instead, I didn’t get to leave early, didn’t get any bonus…and ate way too much candy.

    …so…maybe my Christmas bonus is that I actually have a job?  On another note, I don’t have nearly as much trouble with my difficult coworker (she seemed to have shifted that hat onto someone else, actually), and I actually enjoyed my job today. So, that’s something.

    And to be honest, I’ve never gotten one from any company I’ve worked for.  In my opinion, this Christmas bonus thing is a myth.

    Did anyone else get a Christmas bonus? Have you ever? If not, what do usually you get from your employer?