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  1. The Infamous Office Gift Exchange and My Gift

    December 13, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    I’m actually writing this the night before, but I have decided to take part in the office gift exchange going on this season and since I’ve taken a slightly anonymous approach in my blog, you guys get first look at my gift exchange (which I am glad to say, will not include the coworker who has caused me so much trouble; luckily, she decided not to participate).

    Okay, so you all have scene “A Christmas Story,” right? It’s that epic movie that gets played over and over again on TBS on Christmas Day?

    Well, here is what I found when I was coming home from a dinner with family and I passed by a gift shop just down the street from my job –

    The Leg Lamp Christmas Stocking

    I cannot believe I found this!

    So, it’s one of those gift exchanges where we just switch with one person and they can trade up to three times. I am really, really hoping I don’t get the whole “what is it” glare. Since this is such a well known movie, I’m banking on most people knowing what this is from.

    Wish me luck everyone!

    What was your last office gift exchange like? Any horror stories out there?