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  1. Careeranista – The Woman’s Guide to Success After College [Review + Giveaway Ends 5/10]

    April 21, 2014 by Lady Unemployed


    I had the opportunity to read the book Careeranista – The Woman’s Guide to Success After College. I alwys hesitate with books like these because I’m afraid I will read about the things I have heard before or know about already. And I know a lot of my readers are already in the workforce and probably have already gotten their feet wet with job searching, getting laid off, finding a new job, rinse and repeat. But after seeing a few experiences shared by friends I used to know from high school and people I knew from college, I realized how necessary this type of guide was for graduates – or anyone starting out in their career, really – to own.

    And then I heard from a friend of mine from high school, who returned to the states after lengthy travels. I don’t know him well, but I started seeing posts on Facebook from him about job searching, what to do on his resume, how to look for jobs, which companies to apply to, etc. I realized that while this book says the “woman’s guide,” this book could be useful to him.

    I also happened to join the Her Campus Bloggers Network and found myself interacting more with the newly graduated or about-to-be graduated crowd.

    After these two experiences, this became a perfect book to introduce to my readers. And I realized how necessary this guide really was. 

    I think most of us know or interact with people just on the very first steps of their career. These are the people asking the questions like how to job search, interview, adapt to the office environment, navigate office politics. These are important questions I may think you know a lot about, but that doesn’t mean I have all the answers. I think this blog is proof of that.

    Also, this book says “success after college” but even if you don’t have a degree and need help with navigating the job hunt and need help navigating your career, this will be a great guide for you.

    It provides tips for everything from negotiating salary (which I’m awful at and I ended up highlighting many of the tips I found in the book) to what to expect when you start work to working the ins and outs of office politics (an extremely important section for anyone just entering the work force). 

    Overall, this is the best gift you can give a college graduate or anyone wanting to jump start their career. This is a detailed guide that will introduce them to everything you need to know. Even though I’m pretty clear headed in terms of what to expect when going into a job and finding a job, I did learn a few things from this book.

    If you would like to buy your own copy, visit the Careeranista website.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.