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  1. A Day in the Life of the Unemployed [An Anonymous Guest Post]

    April 14, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    Here is a new and interesting take on the life of someone unemployed. I know many of you will relate. The rest of this post was written by an anonymous submitter.

    6:46- Wake up even though the alarm clock is never on anymore-later than usual and regardless of the time you went to bed.

    6:48-Lay there and decide if it was all a bad dream; then realize that unfortunately it was not. Be brought to alert state by rising concerns.

    7:00- Get up slowly, throw on whatever (it doesn’t really matter, probably workout clothes), make the bed, talk to the dogs, reviewing the sleep patterns of the night-out loud to the dogs. Realize they cannot answer.

    7:15-Check the various devices, shocked NOT to see the usual 100 + emails and issues awaiting you. Just a few ads and emails from the few people that still think your opinion matters. Touch base with your adorable daughter. Miss her. Feel proud of all that she is despite your own myriad failures.

    8:00-Take the dogs out slowly and walk them longer than usual. The dogs like this. Notice people, leaves, bugs, workers, cracks in the sidewalk, and finger marks on doors that you never noticed before. The dogs like this too. Give them each a little kiss as they lick your ankles.

    8:30-(this can be switched with 9:00) Make and eat a yummy breakfast of eggs and tomatoes, and tea. Take your time. Wash up. Read your daily intentions as you have for at least 20 years, and wonder why none of them seem to be true just now.

    9:00- Exercise (jog) for at least a half hour. Actually have time to sweat, stretch, and think, while listening to music. This part is pretty cool. Wonder why you ever let this go. Would things have turned out differently if you had stayed in shape?

    9:30-Notice the freckles and moles on arms and legs. Good God, when did so many appear?

    10:00-Shower, or not yet. Maybe surf the web for a while. Watch the Today Show. Think how cool it would be to wake up in NYC. See if adorable daughter has responded, maybe send her another text. In the shower, take your time. Open your mouth and say AHHHH as the drops gurgle into your throat. Put whatever clothes on that you want. No makeup at all.

    11:00- Look for and apply to jobs. Take several hours for this. Feel alternate rage, fear, frustration, excitement, hope, and confusion. In between, surf the web, or check in with the TV. The TV has become your greatest ally. See your life as a TV drama, and pretend it will have a happy TV ending. Realize that TV distracts, informs, amuses, and generally assures you that you are still part of the human race. Schedule any Skype or phone call interviews. Do them as scheduled, not having to dress from the waist down for Skype. Find this amusing.

    3:00- Cook. Take your time. Make the best “from scratch” tomato sauce with chicken that you have ever seen. Feel like Julia Childs. Remember that she failed many times (but always had a rich husband; you don’t).

    4:00-Shop like you have money to spend. Feel guilty because you have no money to spend. Rediscover the library. All that stuff for free. God Bless them.

    4:30-Get into the blame game. Blame your x-employer, everyone around him, your x-spouse, the government, your parents, your extended family, and your “would-be” friends who must have betrayed you, and your age and your health. They will all be sorry one day. Hate everyone and everything, and wonder what you did to deserve this terrible fate. Feel fear. Blame yourself, which is the scariest blame of all. Realize that you love to play the victim, and how that is so lame. You really are a jerk, and deserve all of this. Knock it off. Realize that blame and guilt are USELESS. Never blame the dogs.
    5:00- Walk the dogs again. They like this. Sit in the sun with them. Forget what day it is. Actually forget what day it is. This seems impossible. Is it normal or are you losing your mind?

    5:30- Enjoy your sauce. Write pages in your journal about how you feel. Clean, do a wash, read, whatever you feel like doing. Get a little bit scared. Look at the bank account. Pay bills. Calculate for the 25th time how long your money will last. Recalculate. Realize that you are OK for 6 months. Don’t believe it. Recalculate.

    6:30-Back on computer and job searching. More TV; in fact TV is on more than not.

    6:40-Fold laundry; maybe even iron. Imagine that- you have not ever ironed when employed. Maybe this doesn’t completely suck. Start to pack for some interviews that are more than a week away. Yes, I said more than a week away.

    7:00-Think about going to the very most remote village in the world and teaching war torn children, or any other career that actually means something in this world. Realize that this is a big opportunity to become NEW. EMBRACE THAT!

    8:00-Check in with the adorable daughter or wonderful sibling who has been there just like me, and keeps my head on straight. Hear from the other good sibling whose husband has been there too.

    NOTE: Of course, there are occasional social engagements interspersed; however it is quickly realized that most of your social life had something to do with the people connected to work, and seeing any of them is impossible right now…. Your life seems to have vanished into thin air….

    9:00- Walk the dogs. They like this. Stop electronic devices. Eat yogurt which works as a sleeping pill. Drink a boatload of water. More TV, more reading, more fear. Despise commercials. Feel they are numbing your brain. They are. Find new appreciation and understanding of the phrase “couch potato”.

    11:00- Go to bed because sleep is a relief from all this, although you may have bad dreams. Feel the fear; it sets in at night. Be glad the dogs are there. You are not completely alone. Wish they could talk. Talk for them.

    Somewhere realize that things could change, things must change, and things will change….soon.

  2. If You Are Unemployed, You Aren’t Doing Enough (Or So We’re Told)

    July 24, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Try Your Best Inspirational Quotes Qiqi Emma January 18, 201016

    Some advice is about as helpful as this piece of paper.


    When I first started my blog, I invited anyone to write me and tell me their unemployment story. And I heard from one person in particular that has a very similar to story as my own (and probably yours) and she allowed me to share this with all of you. I was very grateful for this considering I don’t want to be the only standing on this podium bemoaning my life’s current state all alone.

    And her story touched a nerve with me considering all the snarky implications I receive from people about how I am not doing enough to get a job. But it was nice to know that I am not alone in hearing this awful stereotype of what the unemployed are doing (or are NOT doing) to find a job. 

    To clarify, the rest of this post is written by Monica, and I am posting her story as she told it to me. A special thank you to Monica for letting me tell her story.

    “I graduated college in 2011, took a break in the summer to travel with a friend, then got down to business. For a few months I had a hard time finding a job, then something opened up at a university in town!

    It wasn’t great, but it was something to do until I found THE job (which is in education, by the way). After 8 months, the budget suddenly shrank…and I was the first to go. I had no big emotions…didn’t cry, didn’t get angry, didn’t get depressed. So, I have been out of work now for about 2.5 weeks, and I am already getting bored. I started to do volunteer work at the local animal shelter and literacy council. I am still looking for a job, sending out 10+ resumes a day (I even got fancy resume paper for my fancy resume packets!)

    Like you, I have been doing the networking thing: setting up informational interviews, asking for career advice, meeting with hiring managers, even going to networking workshops twice a month. Nothing has really panned out.

    Well, I have been getting a lot of help from my aunts as well. One has connected me with an editor who has helped me completely redo my resume and cover letter. We chat, she asks questions, and then gives me advice. Great.

    The other, she is just pushy. She likes to call to “chat” and give some of her ideas about this job searching thing. “Have you tried volunteering?”

    “Of course”

    “Why don’t you just move to New York and work at McDonald’s?”

    “Because I am living rent free and I don’t want to give that up for $7 an hour.”

    “Well, what are you going to do when you go into an interview and they ask what you’ve been doing for the last six months? You can’t tell them you’ve been sitting on your ass all day doing nothing.”

    Whoa! Admittedly, this infuriated me.  We have had a dozen conversations like this. I know that I can’t very well tell the employer I am doing absolutely nothing with my life. I do appreciate the advice, I don’t appreciate the implications behind said advice.

    In any given 30 minute conversation I will hear “But you can’t tell an interviewer you are doing nothing with your days. Then you just look lazy and stupid.”

    Now, I do try and explain what I am doing. I do try and explain how many applications I put out in any given day. It doesn’t seem to get through. The last conversation we had put me over the edge. She just said “But you can’t tell and interviewer you are doing nothing with your days” one too many times.

    To make it worse, she followed it with “Well, you can’t sit around all day and look for jobs, you have to get out there and hang out with friend. I’m surprised you picked up the phone. I thought you would be out with friends.” (it was after 10 p.m. during this particular conversation. Mind you, I am too poor to afford gas at this point. I get maybe a tank a month when I can find babysitting work.)

    Job hunting is frustrating enough, and I certainly don’t want my family to imply that I am just a lazy college graduate who doesn’t know what she is doing. I appreciate advice, welcome it, even. There is always a fine line between advice and insults.”

    – The offer still stands for anyone who wants to share their story with my readers or you can even just share your story with me if you want to remain private. I have a great listening ear. Click her to find out the details.