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  1. Job Seekers Are A Territorial Bunch

    June 14, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    The B*tch from the Bookstore

    If I’m not in ¬†my unemployment coffee shop, I’m in the bookstore right next door. This bookstore has the usual crowd including the elderly, moms with little children, business people who I suspect are looking for work, and teenagers.

    Well, last week my brother and I went to the bookstore in the afternoon and I looked for a usual spot where there are outlets for me to plug in my laptop. There are only three spots in the bookstore to access outlets and we went to a table that was available near one of those outlets. Sitting behind me was a business woman on her laptop. I reach around to plug in my computer and this is what I saw —

    The used up outlet I saw

    I followed the cord and saw that this business woman had taken up both outlets with her laptop cord and her cell phone charger. O-kay.

    Politely, I ask, “Would you mind unplugging one of those so I can plug in my computer?”

    As if I just asked her to hand me her laptop so I could use her personal computer myself, she says in a tone that the entire bookstore you can hear, “No! No…no. No, I’m not going to do that. No.” She sticks out her arm and points to a man sitting by one of the other outlets in the bookstore. “There’s one right over there you can use.”

    Well, just as she says that this other man reaches for his cell phone charger and I watch as he takes up both of the outlets near him.

    Across from me, my brother gives me a look that says what I’m thinking, “What a b*tch!” He told me later that I whispered under my breath, “Bitch.” But I don’t remember that.

    So, I do remember telling my brother in my own “loud enough for the bookstore to hear” tone, “You know I’ve had to charge my own cell phone before while using my laptop and instead of using both outlets, I just charge my cell with my computer.”

    Nothing else was said from the bookstore b*tch behind me. Twenty minutes later I get a phone call from my mom asking me to call the cable company and I got distracted and had to leave the area to complete the call.

    Thirty minutes later, I returned and the area had gotten even more crowded. I let go of the moment and my brother and I went to a different section of the bookstore.

    I felt a little guilty later, because of my outburst to the lady the second time. When I told my mom about the incident she told me that the lady probably had no idea how to charge her cell phone with her laptop. And that might be the case, but you know what I learned from all this?

    Job seekers are a territorial, aggressive, and sometimes downright b*tchy/assh*lish bunch.