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  1. Are Layoffs Bad for Business?

    January 8, 2015 by Lady Unemployed

    A couple of months ago, my company did layoffs and about 10 to 12 people were let go. Luckily I did survive, but about two months later I still sense things aren’t right.

    It left me wondering what the true impact of layoffs and whether if can hurt more than help. Two months later after these layoffs, two people have left the company I hadn’t thought would leave any time soon. For me, I am trying to transfer departments, but if nothing happens my reasoning staying will be gone.

    Meanwhile, I’m hearing conversations about business not doing well from coworkers alongside talk of renovations and remodeling getting done. I think the problem here is just bad management. But the tragic thing is that work loads are higher and people are getting behind on things.

    I’m also seeing fewer “new clients” meetings and tours and even more emails about existing clients spending less money. Do fewer people mean more work and less energy for their coworkers picking up the tasks left behind?

    I’m watching this closely and keeping my ears out. I do know in the department I’m in, particularly for my position, they can’t afford to lose one more person without losing the ability to keep up overall. So I feel I’m okay for now until they figure out how to outsource my job and replace me with people who will do it for much cheaper.