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  1. How to Kill Time During a (Long, Boring) Meeting

    April 26, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    Double Time

    Aside from clock watching, what do you do during meetings?

    My company is notorious for long meetings. Like, one to two hour long meetings.

    This is horrifying to me as I find them all extremely dull. I’m also not allowed to play with my cell phone during these meetings (I know this, because I got in trouble a few weeks ago for doing so), so that means I’m extremely bored.

    But what do you do during meetings to kill time?

    I figured out things that you can do during meetings that will stimulate the brain and keep you from falling asleep. One idea will actually make you look like you’re paying attention.

    1) Make a to do list.

    I find lists my saving grace in keeping myself organized. So, when I’m in a meeting that I know doesn’t require my full 100% attention, I start making my to do list for the day/night/week/month.

    It puts me ahead of my own schedule and it makes me feel on top of things.

    2) Work on that novel you’ve been meaning to start.

    You know that book you’ve been wanting to write? Well, long, boring meetings are the time to do it. I’ve actually done this and writing your novel during meetings is a great way to make yourself look busy. Also, you will look important. I even had my difficult coworker get jealous and competitive and she started taking notes in the meeting once she saw me writing (oh, how little did she know).

    3) Play games…with yourself.

    Hey, get your head out of the gutter. I mean, really, play games with yourself. Here’s a few I’ve made up (with the help of this list of road trip games I found) –

    Meeting I Spy – so you have a meeting scheduled at 11 am? And it’s supposed to last until 12:30? Well, make a list of 10 to 20 objects  before the meeting, and start play I Spy with yourself. See how many you get. If you get them all, give yourself a prize during your next break (like a treat at the coffee shop or something).

    Where’s the Alphabet – From A to Z, spot all the items in the room that follow the alphabet. Even better if you can memorize the items you’ve discovered.

    Counting game – Start counting all the watches in the room. Next, count the blue pens. Or count the people who scratch their nose during the meeting.

    4) Fantasize.

    Sexual fantasies during a meeting may not be a good idea. But, I often times like to play out ‘what if’ scenarios and imagine what would happen if one of my fantasies happened in the middle of a meeting. If you do this, I do warn that you may get a creepy smile on your face while you fantasize.

    5) Doodle.

    Okay, I’m not much of an artist. I mean, there are only so many large eyed cats I can draw. But actually I’ve heard before that if you doodle, you tend to listen better. So maybe doodling will actually help you in your (long, boring) meeting.

    What do you do during (long, boring) meetings?