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  1. Monday Rant – The Blog Hop

    April 22, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    It’s Monday again! It’s probably going to be a long week. Sorry for my absence last Monday…I received some pretty rough news – my mom lost her job. A lot of stress last week as we both deal with it and learn to work through it.

    Work related issues…well, much of the same. Wednesday, I have four hours worth of meetings. Last Friday, I also realized I am facing the same disrespect I have handled since starting this job. But truly, I am glad to have a job.

    Anyways…I decided to change things up for today’s Monday rant! I want to invite my reader’s with blogs to show off their blogs as well as rant with me.

    We’ll see how this goes…I’ve been told in more ways than one that I need to grow my blog. This is just one of my many attempts!

    I want to keep it simple, so I’ll only ask you to do two things…

    1) Post your rant in the comments.

    2) Then, post your blog link to the widget below.

    Pretty simple right? Or, if you want to write a blog post for your Monday rant instead, you can post that too!

    Okay ranters – what’s your gripe today? (I’m hoping the widget appears below!)

  2. Monday Rant – Monday Sucks, So Let’s Gripe Together!

    March 25, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    Head in Hands

    A representation of me today

    Wow, so much has changed in my life since last week. While I’m usually an open book, I will just tell you that my week ended in a way that I did not expect. I didn’t go on those interviews I blogged about this past week – for one of the interviews, the location was horrid; for the second interview, they wanted me to do a Skype interview when they were only 5 miles away and the manager was in the office, which didn’t make sense.

    I’m lucky for Monday lately because my difficult coworker works from home Monday (no, I have no idea why either; no she isn’t pregnant, and doesn’t have kids).

    I’m writing this the night before, so I can have this ready on the Monday up and coming.

    Tell me your Monday rants – did you wake up with a cold? Is it snowing where you are? Was someone rude? Do you hate being at work right now? If you have a rant today, I want to hear it.

    Let’s rant together!