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  1. 7 Reasons I Hate Work Social Events

    May 30, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    I hate social events at work

    I didn’t think I would have anything to write about this week, because I’ve been so occupied with some things lately, I just haven’t been inspired to write on my blog(s).

    But today, someone else is leaving my department and she had been with the company 10 years, so they wanted to have everyone go to lunch in honor of her last day.

    Let me tell you this – I have never been a big fan of work social events. I can’t even remember the last time I enjoyed myself and didn’t feel awkward.

    Inspired by this event (and as a way for me to sort of vent out some frustration), I decided to compile 7 reasons I hate work social events and why these types of events make me feel uncomfortable –

    1) I never know what to talk about.

    I notice in these types of things people love to talk about after work events that have long since passed (that I haven’t gone to), travel (which I don’t have the money for), buying homes and other expensive things I also can’t afford, things they do on the weekend, and other chit-chatty grown up stuff I haven’t been able to fully embrace since reaching the “grown up” phase of my life.

    The problem is that the types of things that busy my time and my life aren’t really talked about. I love to read books and write stories and rarely do I find myself in a conversation at these things that talk about anything remotely like that stuff. I also love watching television and going to the movies and that’s not brought up either. I pay attention to the news and that is a topic avoided.

    Basically, I just don’t know what to say.

    That’s probably one of my biggest issues, but here are a few others:

    2) When I do talk, I’m not heard (literally).

    I have a quiet voice and when I’m at any work place event that has a large number of people, I am always embarassed to have to repeat myself. I hate it and it just makes me not want to speak.

    Not to mention, when I do repeat myself, it usually falls flat.

    3) I’m self conscious about how/what I’m eating.

    This is probably a result of a 5th grade teacher humiliating me once in front of the whole class during a buffet once, but I am really self conscious about my eating habitst and food choices. I also tend to eat fast, which is a terrible habit I need to drop, so I get worried when I have eaten way more than the company I’m keeping. Plus my dietary choices these days are limited, so I am picky, which leads me to usually asking embarassingly specific questions to the waiter/tress or I stick with salad.

    4) You have to socialize with people you don’t like.

    In some cases it’s possible to avoid them, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. This leads to a growing resentment of having to be near them and see everyone else appreciate their existance.

    5) They go on too long.

    Today was a luncheon and really, I only wanted to be gone longer than forty-five minutes to an hour. Instead, it went on for two hours. I didn’t know what to do that whole time. After a while, I just got tired of sitting there smiling at conversations where I didn’t know how to respond.

    6) Every self-conscious body or outfit thought comes to the front and center of my mind.

    If I go into these things wearing an outfit that I’m uncomfortable in or God help me it’s a fat day or I’m feeling EXTRA tall for some reason, those are the types of things highlighted in my mind. When that happens, everything else that has made me uncomfortable is multiplied by 10.

    7) The abnormal and out of character friendly interaction.

    My company isn’t filled with the nicest ladies and there is quite a lot of power plays and manipulation and unkind relations that go on that makes the place it a difficult place to work. So, to have to act really nice and let it all go as if I’m comfortable, is hard. It stresses me out and I can’t relax.

    For now, this is pretty exhaustive of why I am uncomfortable at work social events. Am I the only one out there that cringes or hides or gets suddenly sick whenever these events come around?

  2. Speaking Up At Work – The Fine Art of Getting Ahead

    April 29, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    speaking up at work

    I’ve often blogged about getting ahead at work being a little like merging into bad traffic.

    Well, recently I came to find even MORE proof that getting ahead at work is a little like merging into bad traffic.

    Last week, I met with my bosses to talk about my goals for the company and what I see for my career. I mentioned for the fourth time in six months – yes, fourth – that I would like to learn more about the creative side of the company (specifically writing).

    Finally, my boss followed through and reached out to someone in the creative department and asked them if they would be willing to have me shadow them a couple of days to find out more about what they do.

    And today I spoke with the manager of the creative department and gave him a run down of my modest experience. He actually told me I could start helping out the other writers in the department during downtime.

    Although he has to check with my boss as well as someone in human resources about this, I find myself actually hopeful about my role in this company. I really didn’t think I would get to this point (my disgruntled posts have obviously reflected this) and although it’s one step at a time, I have a lot of hope for what’s ahead.

    The takeaway from this is speaking up at work is extremely important and you must talk about your needs. You may just work for a shit heel company that will ignore your requests, but make sure you are clear and vocal and you must repeat yourself. I had to say my needs to work in the creative department many times. I’m lucky that they DID ask me about my career goals and checked in with me about how things were going, though.

    If you aren’t getting what you want at work, set up a time to speak with your boss and talk about what is missing for you and your career. That way if they ignore you still, you will know for sure this time that it may be time for you to leave.

  3. More Hiring, Less Work ­ Does That Make Sense?

    March 21, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    Lately at work there has been quite a lot of hiring done!

    Usually when it comes to hiring more people, it’s directly related to there being a lot of work to do.
    Let me tell you this that I could easily leave my job at four o’clock instead of six if I could leave based on when my work was done.

    So why are they hiring new people?

    In all honesty? I have no idea. The management didn’t even speak to the entry level people to find out if they need help and after speaking with a few of my coworkers, no one knows why this was done.

    On another note, I’m getting a lot done when it comes to writing and blogging these days. You gotta love a job with downtime, I guess.

  4. Is the Workplace Becoming a Hostile Environment?

    January 8, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    This week my mom started her new job. It was a relief at first especially considering unemployment benefits had come to an end for her, but her first few days at work have been hard. She’s been criticized and at day three, they are expecting her to have the same speed as the people who have been there for years. It isn’t fair at all.

    Yet all of this feels so familiar, doesn’t it? Not so long ago, I was having these same issues. It’s like the same cast of characters that appeared at my job – has appeared at hers. You have the nonexistant boss, the bully coworker, and the passive go-between.

    It makes me wonder something – is the workplace in general becoming hostile? Should we all be expecting a critical unsupportive environment when we walk into work? How do you handle these types of environments?

  5. Do You Enjoy Seeing Coworkers Get In Trouble?

    November 11, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    Should trouble be fun for anyone?

    So, last week I witnessed a coworker get in trouble who subsequently saw me get in trouble later on in the week.

    Neither one of us had much sympathy for the other and I witnessed him smirking at me while I got in trouble. And I’d be lying if I said I felt bad he was in trouble.

    Is this a sign of a toxic work environment? Bad coworker relations?

    I haven’t been in a lot of situations where people took pleasure in each other’s difficulties at work (usually if you have a friend in the trenches, it helps make the day go by). But this is the first job I’ve had, really, where coworkers actively back bite, throw each other under the bus, and take pleasure when the other is on the shit end of the stick with their boss.

    I decided to look up signs your workplace is toxic and a good many of the signs I found on this AOL article matched my company.

    How do you survive the toxic workplace?

  6. The Infamous Office Gift Exchange and My Gift

    December 13, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    I’m actually writing this the night before, but I have decided to take part in the office gift exchange going on this season and since I’ve taken a slightly anonymous approach in my blog, you guys get first look at my gift exchange (which I am glad to say, will not include the coworker who has caused me so much trouble; luckily, she decided not to participate).

    Okay, so you all have scene “A Christmas Story,” right? It’s that epic movie that gets played over and over again on TBS on Christmas Day?

    Well, here is what I found when I was coming home from a dinner with family and I passed by a gift shop just down the street from my job –

    The Leg Lamp Christmas Stocking

    I cannot believe I found this!

    So, it’s one of those gift exchanges where we just switch with one person and they can trade up to three times. I am really, really hoping I don’t get the whole “what is it” glare. Since this is such a well known movie, I’m banking on most people knowing what this is from.

    Wish me luck everyone!

    What was your last office gift exchange like? Any horror stories out there?