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  1. The Ups and Downs of Unemployment

    June 30, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Alright, so I know I’ve been a bad blogger. Rule # 1 for the Blogosphere is to not drop off the face of the planet without notice.

    And this week has been one hell of a roller coaster.

    Just yesterday I prepared in my head and extremely cynical posts about how much I hate being unemployed and how I’ll probably never work again.

    And on top of that, on my way home yesterday I realized that the unemployment department sent me yet another form to respond to and how I need to report my activities since being unemployed. Basically, they just wanted me to give over a quart of blood and promise my future first born child.

    So, yesterday, my mood was like this:


    This is me yesterday.


    And I woke up so stressed and freaking out. I wanted to just to pout, cry and throw a fit.  I also worried a lot too. I kept worrying that I would have to pay back my unemployment checks for some reason and maybe I’d be put in jail…

    Meanwhile my mom kept trying to convince me that I have nothing to worry about and that I had done nothing wrong.

    But still.

    I wondered.

    Prisoner 625385 Mugshot

    My worst fear – me behind bars. Except I hope I pose this well for my mug shot.

    And so with all of that going through my mind, I did the deed

    I called the unemployment department and expected to get this person on the phone, of course —


    Cave troll as corporate bully

    The person from the unemployment department (well, what I expected).

    And when I called, the issue wasn’t so bad after all.

    I was shocked! I was on the phone less than a half hour (much better than the last time).  And the overall experience was pleasant. I’m actually not in fear anymore.

    Now, about the job prospects.

    I have an interview on Monday! I’m really excited. The last job I talked about didn’t pan out, tragically (no, no interesting post for that one…sigh)  And I feel like the interview I have Monday will turn into…gasp…an actual job.

    So this week was a major roller coaster for me, as you can tell. My ups and downs. And now I feel like this –

    Happy 042

    Yay! Happy!

    And also, like this –

    mishima:alguna cosa em diu que sí

    I need a nap.

    Have a great weekend everyone! And next week I’ll be back posting on Tuesday and Thursday as usual! Also, let me know how things are going in your lives as well, I want to know!