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  1. The Importance of Standing Up for Yourself

    September 11, 2012 by Lady Unemployed

    Alright so today at work, I stumbled across a snarky power play by a coworker, and I felt strong enough to address it. And I can’t even describe how proud I am that I did.

    Initially when writing this post, I wrote out the moment play by play, but I decided to erase that and avoid the nitty gritty details. But what I can say about it is that I stood up for myself tactfully, politely, and without emotion (huge HUGE step for me). It was in response to something that I took to be an unnecessary power play and I wanted the other person to know they can’t treat me that way.

    Initially, I thought there was a chance I was making something out of nothing, but I have a rule that when I am wondering whether nothing is something, it’s usually something. And I go from there.

    I am so proud of myself and I wanted to let you know that if you ever feel uncertain about standing up for yourself, or wondering whether you will come across too sensitive. Or your worried that you won’t say it right. Or hell, even if you are worried you might cry. Don’t worry about those things. You aren’t too sensitive. And you should stand up for yourself. And you know what? Even if it isn’t said the “right” way, what matters is that you cared enough about yourself to stand up for what you believe is right. And if you cry, that’s okay. I’ve cried during those moments too. And trust me, you will regret more that you didn’t say anything at all, than regret speaking up.

    Something my mom has always told me that has stuck with me my whole life is, “You are here and you matter.”

    So, readers, remember – you matter.