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  1. Can Ugly Competition At Work Kill the Office Environment?

    May 16, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    This may be a strange post coming from me, especially because I am a big believer in a healthy dose of competition. In fact, I think it can improve your skills, increase your stamina, and motivate you to do better.

    competition at work

    But today I am wondering if healthy competition at work can turn ugly in the wrong work environment?

    I ask because a (newly discovered) disgruntled coworker got competitive with me over something I had been handling pretty much independently. I have no trouble working with someone but it took me by surprise to see her hand in it (and not exactly in a nice way).

    It reminded me a little bit of when I first started this job and I had trouble with my difficult coworker. I sort of got in her work territory a bit in order to compete for attention. Not to be mean, but mostly because I wasn’t getting recognized and to get that, I assumed I had to really be aggressive.

    I’m seeing it play out again with this disgruntled coworker, even though I’m not nearly as critical towards others as my difficult coworker was with me (and continues to be with everyone else).

    So, with difficult work environments where criticisms far outweigh the kudos, you generate a competitive atmosphere which leads to frayed and awkward work relations which results in zero comraderie between employees and creates an uptight, phony and possibly angry atmosphere.

    And they wonder why we have such high turnover.

  2. The View from Below (What Management Looks Like)

    May 9, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    My mom found this photo online tonight and I just had to share it with you.

    I don’t know about you, but I would say this is pretty accurate:

    With that, have a wonderful weekend and I know I will have more to say on Monday.

  3. Are You Telling Your Job You Want to Quit (Without Saying a Word)?

    March 15, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    It goes without saying I’m unhappy at my present job. Lately, it’s gotten worst. I feel like I’m being told about “mistakes” that aren’t really mistakes, but me doing my job.  As in, I’m doing things that I’m suddenly not allowed to do, and I’m being told by people who never had a problem with me before.

    Not to mention, I’ve gotten in trouble recently, and I have a suspicion about which people (i.e. my difficult coworker) are involved.


    The funny thing is I am ready to go. My mom commented to me recently, “You know, you aren’t having an easy time at this job, but you don’t act stressed.”  And my mom is right. I’m not stressed. Sure, I rant on here, but this is mostly virtual therapy for me.

    Finally this morning, I figured out why.

    It’s because I’m not willing to fight for this job.  And oddly, now I have even better reason not to.

    Ladies and gentleman, I have two interviews next week – for two different jobs. The odds are in my favor that yes, I am getting out of this job.

    Celebrations of Light Finale 2007

    Mini Celebration About My Interviews

    But I had a thought…

    …is it possible to give off signals to your employer that you are ready to quit, before you even quit?

    I did a little research and apparently there are signs you may be giving off that shows you are getting ready (or really really want) to leave.

    1) You’re making mistakes.

    Since I started, I’ve been told about the earth shattering mistakes I’ve been making, so it’s not a new thing for me to hear about mistakes. But maybe I’m making more than usual because I’m mentally already gone. Or maybe my coworkers are assh*les?

    Either way, be wary of the mistakes you are making, because according to, you may be giving off signals to your coworkers that you are losing your focus on your job.

    2) Coming in late/leaving early.

    I don’t leave early, but I admittedly come in late on occasion. Recently, though, it’s been a lot more common. Apparently, this is a sign that you are either preparing to leave or want to leave. Not to mention, I’m fully aware this is a problem for a lot of employers and could get me fired by coming in late all the time. So, I know, fix it up Lady (Un)Employed.

    3) You get the Sunday night blues/depression.

    This happens to me really regularly. In fact, I have a heavy feeling of dread at around 9:00 pm Sunday, and even earlier if my week before has been really bad. In fact, Monday through Thursday, I pretty much wake up each morning with a sick dread feeling.  While I know every job has its problems, I want to wake up in the morning without that feeling. Which may or may not have something do with problem # 2  I mentioned before.

    But if you feel dread when you go in, each day every day you have to work, you may have a problem on your hands.

    4) You start taking away personal items.

    Okay, I haven’t done this at my present job (yet), but I have been at a job before, where things were going really, really badly and I started to prepare myself by taking home some of my personal items. Well, if that sounds like what you’ve done, you may try to leave a personal photograph or two, otherwise you’re telling your boss that you don’t plan on staying long.

    5) You’ve added (a lot) new LinkedIn contacts.

    Okay, in my defense, I’ve only added new LinkedIn contacts because I’m trying to help my brother (and my mom actually) find work. I figure if I can get a job lead or two via a direct contact, I’d send it their way. But if you happen to be connected to a coworker (like I am), be careful about who (and how many) you connect to, because you may be telling them, you are getting ready to leave.

    Although, I will admit that I reason this all out by telling myself that the coworker I’m connected to, never seems to show recent activity on LinkedIn anyways.

    So, if you are unhappy at your job and you’ve already taken steps to try and get out of that job, make sure you cover your ass, because that last thing you want is to get fired before you can quit.

    Have you ever given signals that you want to leave your job? What were they?