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  1. An Update to Lady Unemployed

    September 20, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    An update has been a long time coming! Most of my absence has been a mix of being busy (which always sounds like an excuse), stress, and not sure where I want this blog to go (more truth than any other reason).

    First, how is work coming? Work is going surprisingly well.  I am actually getting attention from the creative department (which I know deserves more of a post than this). I am working with a senior writer on a newsletter this next week. I finally am enjoying my job – which took me two years to get to.

    Next, my family. My mom and brother are still looking for work, but I remain hopeful and they continue to keep sending out resumes. It remains to be an ongoing stress in my life.

    As for my blog, I’ve reached a roadblock. I can’t help but notice the terrible bounce rate when I examine Google Analytics and I also can’t help but notice my dwindling number of faithful readers (which has always been part of my struggle for this blog).

    Somewhere along the way I started to worry about my purpose in blogging here and whether or not I should bother talking about office politics while also talking about unemployment, as if it’s a cruel combination to put together. Should I choose one or the other?

    Also, I’m wondering if I should make it easier for people to submit their stories rather than emailing me.  I do know that I rank higher when you look for “unemployment blogs.”