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  1. My Thoughts on Always Liking Who You Are

    April 5, 2013 by Lady Unemployed

    You know what?

    I really like my boobs. They’re really pretty great.

    I came upon this realization within the last few weeks, for some reason. It came upon the heals of me seeing the doctor a few weeks ago and having to get weighed. I hate weighing myself and it isn’t something I do on my own time. And when I did, that number on the scale shocked me and I couldn’t believe I weighed so much.

    In my defense, I’m about 5’10, so I carry weight pretty easily. But still…I didn’t like the number I saw.

    Rather than get upset, I told myself a few things –

    First, I do know that I need to lose weight. Realistically, I’d like to lose at least 15 pounds.

    Second, I still like how I look anyway.

    Yes, ladies and gentleman, I need to lose weight, but I still love how I look. My boobs in particular. I have to say as of lately, it’s my favorite body part on myself. In fact, I have a favorite bra brand that I plan on buying more of, once I have the money (I particularly love the t-shirt bra by B*Tempted). I could have gotten bogged down with the hideous number on the scale, but I chose not too. I am loving and embracing myself and all parts of me, no matter what.

    I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist. Nor am I a dietician nor a physical trainer. My expertise on weight loss and self confidence comes from my own experiences, the lessons and wisdom my mom has passed along to me, and everything I’ve read in women’s fashion magazines.

    But to me, no matter what you look like, I think you need to love who you are first. Choose your favorite body part and embrace it and show it off (without breaking laws, of course), whether it’s your smile, your hair, your curves, your legs, your butt, your arms, your back…I mean there are so many body parts that we can love and embrace. I think becoming a better you starts there – you must love who you are.

    Then, once you do, go boldly (and safely) into becoming a healthier self.

    Have you ever re-discovered a physical characteristic of yourself that you now love even more? What is your favorite physical feature of yourself?