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  1. You look stacked!” – And Other Awkward Work Conversations

    April 3, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

    I once left a work environment because sexual harrassment and pushing the boundaries on what was and what wasn’t acceptable to say to coworkers was never addressed by management. Not to mention, a creeper manager who was allowed to say inappropriate things, but nothing ever was said to him about it.

    Here I am again, although luckily, these conversations aren’t directed at me.

    But I had just gotten into work this morning when suddenly the breast sized of a female coworker was complimented by another female coworker. “Your boobs look huge lately! You’re stacked! What are you wearing? Is it because you’re husband’s in town?”

    She laughed along of course and my (female) supervisor also started to laugh.

    Maybe I’m being too strict on what I expect from coworkers. This wasn’t even a private conversation between two coworkers who were friends and maybe were comfortable with these types of conversations. This was practically shouted across the room.

    Yet, I’m not surprised and I’ve begun to tune out these types of scenarios. Once my supervisor asked an employee who had just been on a long vacation to stand up and show everyone her “brownness” because she got so tan while she was away. It may have been less awkward if she wasn’t already dark skinned to begin with.

    This is a strong part of the place I work at – an expectation that these conversations will probably go on.

    Am I being too sensitive here? Or is there major potential for disaster? I can’t imagine everyone will be okay with this, yet no one ever says anything and no warnings ever go out about being inappropriate.