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The Definition of Corporate Insanity (And High Turnover Troubles)

November 6, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

I work in a company where there is a vicious cycle of turnover. This year I think I can count about six people who have left my department alone. This is just a department of about 12 to 15 people too. So each time someone leaves, you really feel the loss and now it’s getting ridiculous. I can FEEL the low morale after this latest loss (two people – one turned out to be the charismatic con I wrote about several months ago and another is a woman who had been with the company a long time).

There comes a point when I think, as a company, you need to find out and really face why people leave. To their credit, the company I work at does try. They’ve done personal interviews in my department to find out how we feel, regular anonymous company-wide surveys, and even a third party consultant to examine work processes.

But what went wrong? The problem is still there.

The thing is nothing is being done. They attempt all of these things and I never know what comes of it or what they do to address these problems. Now two more people are gone and the hiring will begin again. We’ll repeat the cycle of training and the discontent will grow.

At what point will they change anything?

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