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“This was my third time being laid off in my career.” – An Unemployment Story

July 27, 2015 by Lady Unemployed

I am in my early 5o’s and I got laid off from my job in Sept of 2014.  I live in the state of Florida. This was my third time being laid off in my career.  The first was in my early 30s and the second was in my late 40s. At this time, I was living in the state of Georgia.  I got laid off twice from the same company.  The first time it happen, I was shock, surprise, and just outright scare.  At that time in my life, my kids were young and my spouse was unemployed.  I was able to obtain contract work to sustain to keep us afloat financially.  I was successful at getting another job only after a few months of being laid-off.  I worked for 10 years until another laid off in 2009.  It took me 6 months before I got another job.  Then I worked for five years and the current laid off happen in 2014.  I work in accounting in positions as investment accountant, staff accountant, and Senior Financial Analyst.

I have a Masters in Accounting and Finance which I received in 2012, with over 20 years of Financial accounting experience which spams more in insurance investment accounting but also with other industries as well.

Now you will think with those credentials, I should not have an issue finding a job.  I knew that finding employment was not going to be a piece of cake, but I did not think that it would take me this long to find employment.  I have been on more interviews for the first time in my career, but no offers.  I have asked for feedback thinking that I did something or said something wrong, but I always hear that I interview very well, there is nothing wrong, or did not like about me, but I was told many times that I was not the “Right Fit”.  When I ask what they mean by that, I get the hmm… and odds….  I wonder if it must be my age, my race, and on and on.

Since graduating from college, I have always worked.  When you are unemployed, especially, as many of times this has happen to me, it does something to your mental stay.  You start asking yourself questions all of the time, not some of the time.  Just to name a few questions that you ask yourself such as: Why did I get laid off? What did I do wrong? Why did they not like me?  and on …. I have always put over 100% in to my work at all of my jobs.  I got excellent reviews.  As in any job, you have your haters; but I always obtain my integrity.  Maybe it was some of the haters were the management.

When you loose your lively hood. What does society expect for you to do?  Without a ways and means of have a financial lively hood, how do you suppose to survive; especially with the way that society is designed.

It’s not that I don’t want to work, I just need someone to give me a chance so that I can get my life moving again.

My unemployment has run out, my savings have run out.  I have applied to jobs in other states, but no hits.  I can’t afford to move without having a job to move to.  What is a girl to do??


  1. Sonia says:

    I am so sorry you are going through this right now. I was unemployed for six months until my former job offered me a contract position. If you still have contacts at your former employer please reach out and let them know that you are still looking, you never know. Stay strong.

  2. Sean Corwynn says:

    Sonia, it’s painful to hear you’ve become yet ANOTHER Long-Term UNemployed #JobSeeker –

    AARP has some resources at

    Take a look at + +

    You MAY qualify for #SNAP (foodstamps) + Medicaid 🙁

    You should contact EVERY organization in your area, from Catholic Relief Services to your local to find out resources you may be eligible for. For example, many churches have NON-denominational food pantries. And if you have #SNAP, or participate in certain government programs you get more food than if you aren’t ‘enrolled’ in these programs.

    There MAY be discounts on electricity/water/gas…

    Please use a grammar-checking program, and consider doing an online grammar course to avoid these errors:

    #The first time it happenED,
    #I was shockED, surpriseD, and just outright scareD

    #I was able to obtain contract work to keep us afloat financially
    #I was able to obtain contract work to sustain us financially

    #I worked for 10 years until there was another lay off in 2009, which eliminated 387 positions in the company.
    #Then I worked for five years, when the next lay off happenED in 2014 after my company was acquired by a competitor…

    Read Susan Rooks, she publishes several times a week on grammar:

    If your area has a 211 or 311, CALL IT. Keep calling, until you find somebody willing to help.

    Good luck!

    / Sean

  3. Jessica says:

    I’ve been laid off twice and it sucks. The job market seems to be saturated and I’ve had to change my career path away from work I love to work I really dislike but it pays the bills.

    For help with interviewing I can’t recommend ProPaths enough. I interview very well but I believe Chet gave me an edge in beating out the other interviewees.

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