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Company Goals & When You Don’t Have an Answer

July 22, 2014 by Lady Unemployed



Next week is my “company goals” meeting with my department VP (a non-intimidating passive lady who barely speaks to anyone at the entry level status) and my department supervisor (who seems to hate the idea of actually supervising).

This is an ongoing, quarterly concern for me as I’m not really sure what I should say, especially in this past year when I’ve revealed to them that I don’t have an interest in advancing in this particular department. I’ve taken on one – and only one – project with the department of my interest (the elusive creative department) but I haven’t sat down and talked with the director since my last project. He’s supposed to be back this week and I’ve walked past his office a few times and so far don’t see him.

My plan of attack is this –

1) By Thursday, if I haven’t seen the director of creative return, I will send an email to the associate director and ask him if he’s willing to sit down with me about my possible future in the department.

Depending on the status levels in the company, at least from what I know about my own department, “associate” directors tend to be more involved in the day-to-day muck then the “directors.”

I’m hoping by someone else aside from the director of creative knowing my interest, it increases the likelihood that I may get more work and attention.

2) By Monday, after this conversation, I will send an email to my “supervising-hating” supervisor and ask her if I could work with her on setting goals.

Maybe it’s time I’m honest. I may not want to advance in the department, but it isn’t like I want to do data entry anymore. This part of my job drives me crazy and just doesn’t give me the challenge I am looking for in a job.

3) And lastly, say my prayers that a job I’ve applied to contacts me.

This week and early next week would be a wonderful time to set up a job interview, I’ll be less worried about these meetings.

Overall though, in all honesty, I seriously think these are a waste of time. After talking with a few low-level cohorts like me, I’m not sure any of us really see the point in this. I think this an HR attempt at advancing careers and it just doesn’t have any follow through.

Does your company make you set goals? How have you approached these types of meetings?


  1. Swim Karim says:

    Great insights as always. I love the way you share insights into the crazy, strange or funny world of work. With that said, I have only worked at one place that had “career goals/direction” style meetings. They did them once every six months and I personally enjoyed them for various reasons. I do think meetings like this can easily begin to feel condescending unless actually chances to advance and improve exist.

  2. I know it’s lazy, but I suggest you Ask or do a Google search for your answer. It’s a very difficult one. Good luck with the application.

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