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You Didn’t Get the Job (But I Won’t Tell, Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah)

January 9, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

Recently my mom interviewed at a job and you know what? They never told her whether or not they hired anyone. This has happened to me in the past and once I didn’t hear until two months later.  I remember I had to email the human resources woman a total of five times (this was well after the interview and I assumed that if a month has gone by without word that I didn’t get it; that doesn’t mean, I didn’t want to know for sure).

Weirdest yet, the same exact thing happened to my brother recently.

What is wrong with companies lately that they just won’t tell you the results?

While none of us actually like getting that rejection email, why is the practice of letting applicants know either way going out of style? What are these potential employers trying to avoid?


  1. Vinny C says:

    I applied to a place (an advertising agency) & it took them 2 years to respond. It wasn’t a rejection, though. They said I was selected to proceed to the pre-interview assessment stage. The email said there was “fierce competition for the position & I should respond with my answers as soon as possible… Which I did… That was 5 months ago. I haven’t gotten a response from them so far.

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