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Frustrations of a Job Seeker by Ed Tsyitee Jr (Twitter @GreenChileAdict)

May 17, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

Thank you to Ed Tsyitee Jr. who shared his story today about frustrations of a job seeker. Make sure you follow him on Twitter @GreenChileAdict

frustrations of a job seeker

Via Flickr User Pipstar


After living in Virginia for 12 years, I moved back to Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2006.

I ended up working for Wal-Mart that year. With a Bachelor’s Degree. How much above minimum wage did I get for that? 10 cents. Yup.

You see, I live in a city where job opportunity means “Hey-at least McDonald’s offered you a job, so why are you complaining?”

The service sector dominates this job market.

You want to work in a call center? No problem! We have at least 6 to choose from!

You want to work in retail? Hey! We got you covered! We have 3 Wal-Marts now! Ooo! And a Sam’s Club!

Strange enough, New Mexico State University is here. You would think there would be a more diverse job market here for a city with a population of over 100k. But, there really isn’t.

Just a lot of promise, like the Spaceport will bring jobs here. Or the Army base will bring in jobs (read: service sector jobs). Or the industrial park 45 minutes from here will bring in jobs.


I just completed my Masters in Human Resource Management program this year. When people ask where I’m looking for work they seem surprised when I answer, “Oh, you know, Arizona Nevada, the Pacific Northwest.” You mean you aren’t looking here in New Mexico?

Do I really have too?

I just sent an application to the State of New Mexico for an HR job. It’s a longshot, but at least I’m trying to stay positive.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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  1. Artemisia says:

    My situation is very like hers. I am in the UK but whatever country you are in 58 is not a good age to be looking for a job, especially if you are a woman. My last employer was a not for profit organisation who laid me off. I got a payment of 3 months money but took them to Court for unfair dismissal. I won and again got some money, equivalent to a few months pay. It doesn’t feel like winning though. I have not got a job despite applying for dozens. I am over qualified for lots of jobs which I could do in my sleep but mostly I don’t even get a rejection. I am spending far too much time in front of the computer. I have not been able to swim regularly as I could when I was working so I feel dull and I am putting weight on. I have some plans to improve my life and get training which I will have to pay for but I am greatly frustrated by my treatment by the state run Job Centre which insists on regular attendance. It’s weekly now . I received some payments for 6 months which I was entitled to, having paid tax. I will not get any more because I have a bit of money (sic). They don’t help at all. It is about control and making you feel small and inadequate. So until I have used all my money, which is not so much, there is not much point in signing on as unemployed. Except, if I don’t, I won’t even be a statistic and there is a problem for people over 50 who lose their job and now have to wait longer for their pensions. I want to campaign so I need to be a statistic along with everyone else in this position.

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