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It’s Monday Again… An Anonymous Unemployment Story

August 16, 2014 by Lady Unemployed

unemployment story


I think so many of you who are unemployed can relate to this unemployment story. The rest of this post will be anonymous and I thank the contributor for sharing their story.

It’s Monday again, only this one is different because it is 11 months to the day that I found myself unemployed. As I say goodbye to my boyfriend before he leaves for work, it dawns on me that I’m now alone for the day, trapped with my thoughts and weather I want to get up and face the day or stay in bed and hide away.

When I’m finally ready to face the day, I begin by checking through the ‘job alerts’ on my phone, lots of great jobs out there and more so now we are over the recession. What they fail to tell you in the small print is that although you are applying for roles suited to your experience and qualifications, the likelihood of an actual person responding to you is 1 in a million. Everyday it’s the same, waiting and hoping that you will get some form of response, to what you think is an actual job advert and not a fictitious one.

I have experienced and fought with so many emotions on this journey and the thought of giving up has entered my mind many times. Reality soon sets in and I remember that I have a mortgage and bills to pay. So I carry on and keep hoping and praying that one of the roles I have applied for is the ‘one’, that finally someone wants to give me an opportunity and get the ball rolling again, giving me some self worth and respect back. There has to be a way out and I have to believe that there is, otherwise what’s left to believe in?

Monday draws to an end my boyfriend is home distracting me from my thoughts, telling me about his day. When asked about my day I simply reply “it was okay”.

If you want to share your unemployment story or have advice you would like to contribute to this blog, please email me at

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