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It’s been a few years since I have started this blog. My journey over the last few years has been tough and it’s been difficult to maintain the same energy to blog and create new content. But I want to hear your story. Your stories are what keeps me leaving this blog up.

Send me your interesting, impressive, amazing, depressing, funny, sad, inspiring, and downright odd stories of getting laid off, handling unemployment, being interviewed, looking for work, picking yourself up from the gutter, and fighting that daily grind. I want to know the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else in between.

Submission Details:

  • You may remain anonymous when submitting your story.
  • Please be careful sharing specific names of people and companies. I will eliminate those details as I see fit.
  • No word limit (try not don’t over do it).
  • Please check your check your grammar and spelling
  • General ranting is okay. Even encouraged.

Do you have an unemployment story you want to share? Please send me an email to and I will post your story. You can’t rant, rave, share and complain, I’d love to hear it all.

I did used to have a form here that allowed people to just post, but I have decided to take it down temporarily and go back to emailing. If you sent me a post before, send me an email, it may be scheduled already and it hasn’t posted or maybe I didn’t see it.



Lady (Un) Employed


13 thoughts on “Share Your Unemployment Story

  1. Everything magically has a way of wokinrg out…yes, you are employable. Your positive attitude will work those magical ways out…You’ll see. Have faith in your decisions.

  2. Dear Lady Unemployed,
    That’s me too. However I am an unemploymentista writing from Australia. Where even though our unemployment rate is 5.5% (& apparently rising)- after a spell of illness (not serious) and a break to study full-time – I have found it impossible to get a job – and now 12 mths have gone by. My blog writing has kept me sane and opened up writing opportunities with other bloggers.

    Having said that – my blog content (and morale) was getting a little depressing until (as part of the Australian employment services programs for the unemployed) I was required to attend compulsory “Mutual Obligations” Training/Classes once a week. From this, my “blog-story” has taken on a new unexpected quality (and thank goodness for that!). The first of these posts is titled: “Being Told How To Suck Eggs: Est Tre Magnifique in a French Accent” – here’s the link,

    Blog: 50 Shades of Unemployment
    Carmen Neutral recently posted…Next Time Chef – Please Just Serve A Crumbed Fish Called WandaMy Profile

    1. I’m so glad that your blog maintained your sanity! (I know the feeling!!) And most of all, allowing your blog to change with you is most important to your success. I’m checking out your blog now! And I wish you the best of luck with your success. If you ever want to write a post for my blog, please let me know.

  3. Hello!

    I’ve started the petition “U.S. Department of Labor: Stop undetectable discrimination in hiring processes.” and need your help to get it off the ground.

    Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

    Here’s why it’s important:

    This is important and should be supported because when individuals apply for jobs the law says that discrimination should not happen based on age, gender, race, etc. Require every denial for hire by potential employers to inform the applicant what information was used as bases of their decision. Applicant then knows if there is some covert or possible misinformation that decision is based on. Responses for denial for employment could indicate for example: “RESUME ONLY USED”; “RESUME AND BACKGROUND VERIFICATION/CHECK”;”TRANSCRIPTS USED”; “SOCIAL NETWORK SEARCH REVIEW”;”CREDIT CHECK PERFORMED.” Also employer should be required to check one of the options as to which of these their decision was based. Employers should never be allowed to be vague or unresponsive in making a denial for hire. This gives a job seeker a means of defense against incomplete/inaccurate/ discriminatory information. This levels the playing field for job-seekers. This helps make employers accountable for use of discriminatory information in hiring process. It may open a window that will allow qualified, but unjustly overlooked Americans to go to work and this will improve our economy. There are currently no or too weak; too vague checks and/or balances in the hiring process. This petition could help create law(s) that destroy discriminatory systems and structures. Advocating for policies that address disparity promotes equity and justice. Avoids practices that historically and systematically exclude minorities; women; people of certain age,disabilities, etc. Many Americans consistently look at filled position by less qualified individuals or (worst, yet) long running vacancies that they have applied for and been turned down and have no explanation or recourse for addressing these type hiring practices. Job-seekers have to avail themselves to the use of so much personal information (resumes, transcripts, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, background screens, background checks, credit checks, etc. ) in the hiring process, at least allow job-seekers to know what is working for them or against them. Make American employers more accountable.

    You can sign my petition by clicking here.

    K Thomas

  4. I have been unemployed now for 4 months. Day after day I probably put in 50 resumes online, how frustrating is this. You know, I was unemployed a couple of years back got laid off, did a favor for a friend and took a job so I could help her out. The job turned into a nightmare where I was working 7 days a week between 70 to 80 hours a week. I quit that job this past spring and got a couple of different jobs during this summer. What’s interesting though is that all those terrible bosses, the backstabbing type of employees and those people that seem to being playing games on their computer are still there. But for us folks that are looking for jobs and actually want to work, it seems like a sinking ship. The employers of every company seem to discriminate against those that aren’t working. Here is an example, when I was at that job last year working my 70 to 80 hours a week, not one week went buy when I didn’t get a call from a recruiter, now that I am unemployed, I am calling them and they don’t have anything for me. I think it’s a double edge sword. K Thomas had made a comment about discrimination, well it happens every day, shouldn’t but it does and quiet honestly you can’t prove it. They can give any reason they want, but you know what really gets me, is the person that has a job, fills a job someplace else, it’s quite literally like a vicious cycle.

    The US Government is trying to help, but what they should do, is restrict employers from hiring other people that are already employed??? Make room for some of us that need jobs. The Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave or Unemployed simply doesn’t exist. Feel like immigrating to a different country.

    1. You are definitely right! It’s a double edged sword – when you’re employed, you can get a job. When you don’t have a job, you can’t get employed. There’s no solution it seems! My idea would be to give employers a tax benefit for hiring the employed – it gives a perk and an incentive to hire the unemployed. The government needs to get creative because the old ways just aren’t working.

  5. I know they mean well, but when family and friends ask “so how’s the job hunt going” or “any luck yet?” or “don’t worry, something will happen”, it all feels like a pat on the head when you are 3 years old and your strawberry ice cream goes plop on the floor. Then, I bawled my eyes out. Now I want to tell them to go *&(^%% themselves. Unless they intend to give me a lead, rather say nothing.

  6. If you are unemployment, you have to be strong as far as you can do. I have been staying unemployment over a one year. Actually, I always try to find a reason related to this issue, but I do not find exactly. I trust my educational background and qualifications. I guess it is not enough to hiring from HR’s. It depens on your country if you want to estimate which time this bad process would be end. 🙁 For instance, if you live in Turkey, circumstances are very bad. However, you are well educated and qualified. It is not enough. You have to find a reference which known as ”torpil” in Turkish. I feel depressed day by day:( I do not know my future:(

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